10 Things about Being Short

1. I can stand up in the window seat of an airplane without hitting my head, but I have to stand on the seat to get anything out of the overhead bin.

2. I have 3 stools in my house to reach a variety of different things, but sometimes I ask my 16 year old to get stuff for me anyway because I don’t want to get the stool out.

3. If I fall, I am closer to the ground so it isn’t a long trip. It still hurts, but it hurts much quicker and I can assess the damage quickly to decide whether to laugh hysterically or sob (bigger they are the harder they fall..hee hee)

4. I fit in small bathtubs, not completely comfortably, but much better than a tall person. If only my belly was flatter, it would be under the water with the rest of my body.

5. I can go under things and I am good at limbo. However, climbing walls during the Spartan Race was a bitch because I could barely reach the top of the wall let alone hop over it.

6. I can buy a small car or a big car and fit into it in order to drive, as long as the seat moves correctly so that my belly is 2 inches from the steering wheel. I cannot drive any car when I am 7 months pregnant because my belly is almost as big as I am tall and my arms and legs cannot reach the steering wheel and pedals past my belly.

7. I can’t always reach things on the top shelf in stores. I do get to ask the cute tall guy walking by to get it for me though (or sometimes they assist me willingly).  Sometimes I make a new friend if I find a tall woman. Win-Win

8. I can play on some of the same playground structures as my 4 year old without hitting my head or getting stuck. He does get scared sometimes and I can get him but he is more than half my size so carrying him down is not very fun.

9. I can sit in criss cross applesauce position while working in a chair (called Indian style when I was a kid). My legs are just short enough to cross. This is mostly because my legs swing and I cannot reach the ground.

10. I fit in small places. Sex in the front seat of a sedan isn’t difficult (isn’t really comfortable either) but I can move in many different ways (helps that I am flexible).  I always have to be on top and don’t get the pleasure of being tossed around like a bag of potatoes.


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