FFAW Pondering


Every summer we would take a trip to the same place. Ever since I was a small child, we called it “The Pond”. Apparently that was my favorite part of the trip so that is what is was dubbed.

It really wasn’t a pond. It was a large puddle caused by the end of spring rain and the overflow of the lake beyond the trees. When I was small, it looked like a beautiful pond. As an adult, it just looks like a beautiful scene to take pictures of or bring out my canvas and easel to paint.

It’s funny how everything I see looks like a scene I would like to paint. I only wish I had time to capture the pond in oils so my children and grandchildren can ask about it and we can visit together as many generations as we can.

I want my children and grandchildren to ask me to take them to the pond every summer. I want my children to take their grandchildren there.

The pond is my fondest memory of childhood and adulthood.



9 thoughts on “FFAW Pondering

  1. I agree. This sounded like a very real place that you wanted to share with your children and grandchildren. I loved how the beauty of it was so striking to you that you wanted your heirs to see its beauty too. Very nice SA!

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  2. Great story. I see the difference in what it looks like in the eyes of a child and in the eyes of an adult. And understand why she would want to share the pleasure she found there with her children, and generations to come.

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  3. I love the idea of having a special place to be shared between generations. 🙂 There are a few places that my sister and I loved to visit as kids that we take my nephew to now – though he’s more interested in the nearby train-line than anything else!

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    1. My special place to share is new york. I took my 3 year old there last thanksgiving with my 16 year old and the rest of my family. Mostly I just like to go to my aunts houses where I spent a lot of time. I would love to have a spot that we traditional ally go to every year that would be something they always remember growing up.

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