Finish It #10 – The Sparkle to the Soul – Part I

He looked in her eyes. He could see the sparkle in them, something that always had fascinated him. She had the most beautiful eyes, eyes that seemed like windows to her soul. No matter what he felt, when he looked in her eyes, he immediately relaxed. She smiled at him and he had to smile as well. What a wonderful person she was. Smart, strong, loving and so so pretty. They hugged and again he felt her love, the warmth. A feeling he got whenever they hugged. It was strange but she made him feel safe. How could she make him feel safe? He was supposed to make her feel safe.

She looked into his hazel green eyes. Her reflection of her showed something very different from what he saw. He saw a smart, strong and loving woman. She saw a frightened little girl. He made her feel safe and she was able to pretend to be someone else with him. Someone he could love and adore. If he knew the truth, he wouldn’t love her and hug her so tight. He would run away like they all did.

He looked in her dark brown eyes again and he noticed the sparkle fading. What could make this beautiful woman’s sparkle fade that quickly? He asked her if everything is OK and she smiled her biggest smile and the sparkle came back. He can’t help but wonder what would have made that sparkle fade. He wanted to know everything about her. He wanted to be one with her soul. He believed she was his soul mate and would make his world complete. Still, that sparkle faded and he needed to know why.

She saw his concern. Her face must have reflected her doubt and insecurity. She smiled big and hoped he couldn’t see into her soul. Her tainted soul that will make him leave. She doesn’t want him to leave. She loved him. She hoped he loved her as much because her secret might tear them apart.

He watched her walk up the steps to her brownstone and waited for her to turn around and look at him with her little smirk. Her hips swayed back and forth up the stoop and he could feel a stirring of emotion inside of him. The emotion was so strong that he felt a shiver throughout his body. He suddenly felt fully alert and alive but there was something nagging at his subconscious. It was the fade of the sparkle in her eyes. He needed to understand her fears so he could make her feel safe and comfort her. He needed to understand her past.

As she walked up the stoop, she swayed her hips a little extra because she knew he was watching. She turned and gave him the little smile that she always does and she could see him come alive. She will never tire of the feeling she gets when she looked at him. There are butterflies in her belly and her whole body shivers with anticipation of who they can be together. Then she saw a look of doubt in his face and then determination. What could that mean? Did she give something away? She has done everything right. She won’t sleep tonight knowing that he was questioning something. Does he know? If he did, wouldn’t he have left by now?

Who is Sabrina Foxworth? They had known each other for a few months now and they were connected. He could feel it with every inch of his being, but she was holding something back. He had asked her before about her past but she usually changed the subject. What could be so horrible that she can’t talk about it? His childhood was fairly normal so he couldn’t imagine that this wonderful being could have anything horrible in her past. What was her secret?

Who is Jacob Jameson? She was definitely infatuated with him. He was the first thing she thought about when she woke up in the morning. She could only wish that she could wake up every morning next to him. She wanted to feel the warmth of his body next to hers all the time. He wanted it too, she could feel it. He would pull away if he learned the truth. The others who had started to realize the truth had run away and left her. Everyone left her.

Sabrina was the first thing he thought about when he woke up in the morning. He would love to wake up next to her every morning and pull her against him. They had been taking it slow and steady. They hadn’t taken it to the level beyond dates and some kissing at the end of the night but he longed for her. He longed for her body and her soul. He wished she would let him in.

When Jacob falls asleep tonight, he will dream. He will dream of the beautiful Sabrina. He will see her long dark hair blowing in the wind and her dark brown eyes sparkling when she looks at him. Her hourglass figure will be in a beautiful red and black dress that fits her body like a spandex glove. He will love her emotionally, spiritually and sexually.  He is always one with her in his dreams.

Sabrina will wait until she thinks Jacob is asleep and she will lay down in her bed and meditate. When Sabrina meditates, it’s as if she leaves her body and floats around to different places. It’s as if her soul is free and she can fly like a bird and visit anyone she wants. She visits Jacob every night, making his dreams wonderful and falling in love with him over and over again. If Jacob knew of this astral projection, he would run far away.  If he chooses to leave, she will not visit him anymore. How can she tell him about her special gift without him thinking that she is crazy?

Jacob fell into a deep sleep and just like every night, Sabrina came to him in his dream. He fell in love with her over and over again. She was perfect. This was perfect. Tonight, though, something was different. She seemed transparent in his dream as if she wasn’t really there. He could see her features in a blur and the sparkle in her eye, but there was no solid form that belonged to her. He told her how much he wanted to comfort her and keep her safe but she would just fade into the background when he tried to touch her. He yelled at her to tell him her secret. He pleaded with her to let him in so he could love her soul.

Sabrina had a look of shock on her face. He doesn’t know what I am but he suspects something. A tear trickled down her physical form and her transparent form started to fade. She whispered to him that if she told him her secret he would leave her. She told him that she didn’t want him to leave. She pleaded with him to stop asking so many questions and just love what they had together. She knew in her heart he would not be satisfied with that.

Jacob woke up in a cold sweat. He could still see her transparent figure fading into the darkness. He called out to her but she faded away. He heard someone sob and realized it was him. He picked up the phone and called Sabrina. He needed to hear her, to know that she was alright. He needed to feel her presence again.

Sabrina jolted out of her meditation when the phone rang. Her soul crashed back into her body and she jolted out of her bed. She picked up the phone shakily and tried to compose herself. He face was wet with tears and her body was soaked with perspiration. She said hello and heard Jacob on the other end of the line. He asked if she was sleeping and he was sorry if he woke her up. She answered as composed as she could. She told him that she was sleeping and asked if everything was OK. He told her he had this weird dream about her, that she was transparent and faded into the dark when he woke up. She became frightened. No one else had ever told her about their dreams. The others were so haunted by their dreams of her they left with their tail between their legs. Jacob was the first one to talk to her about it.

Jacob asked her if she was sleeping. She sounded drowsy as if she was just coming out of a dream. He was so confused by the dream he had of her he started discussing it with her with tangents and phrases of nonsense. He slowed down and explained he had a weird dream about her. He asked her if she dreamed of him too. She said that she was in a deep sleep and didn’t remember her dreams. He didn’t believe her. Is it possible that she created this dream? Is it possible that she was really there, in his room, her soul dreaming with him?

Sabrina stuttered when he told her he didn’t believe her. She said she didn’t know what he was talking about and it was just a dream. She could tell that he was struggling with the truth. He would hesitate with confusion and wonder. He seemed to want answers. These were answers she wouldn’t give him.

He heard her stutter and knew he was onto something. Jacob was struggling with this phenomenon and he wanted answers. He suspected she wasn’t going to give him answers easily. He needed to find out a different way to learn the truth. He needed a plan.


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