Free Style Writing Challenge-The Train Journey

288 words

5 minutes

Toot Toot! They’re two they’re four they’re six they’re eight! My train journey begins every morning with “Thomas, You’re the Leader”. Bust my Buffers, Cinders and Ashes! My 3 year old son is obsessed with Thomas the Train (and Mickey Mouse too but he is on a Thomas kick right now). He sings the Thomas The Leader song in the middle of the night in his sleep. I wake up every morning listening to him sing the Thomas song. I walk around the house singing the Thomas song. I even have it in the car for him to listen to and now I have a dance that goes with it.

We have actually taken him on the Thomas the Train ride that happens every year but he was young and doesn’t remember it as well. I keep trying to find the train ride again so I can take him but if it doesn’t remind me I forget about it. I think he would love it better this time.

I haven’t been on a train journey (except for Thomas) since I visited New York. I don’t know if the subway counts but quite a few years back I went to a friend’s house on Long Island and had to take the train. As I came back into Brooklyn, I was daydreaming and thought we were at the last stop.

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