Finish It #9 Rule Breaking Part II

Sitting on the rock, his feet dangling in the water. It was the place he could relax, where all the pressure was lifted off his shoulders. He wished, he could share it with her though. While his eyes scanned the ocean he wondered where she would be right now, what she was doing and whom she was with.

He remembered the day he saw her at The Dragon’s Lair. The memory of the first and second time he kissed her was burned like a tattoo into his brain. The shocked look on her face when he picked her up in the limo with a rose, champagne and a new dress to wear. It was emerald green to match her eyes.

He sits here looking out onto the horizon and remembers it all. He had to call her Candi because she wouldn’t tell him her real name. She was his candy, his liquor, his coffee and anything else he could be addicted to. He remembered when she sat down next to him in the limo and just stared at him. She asked him “Who are you?” He smiled sheepishly, “I am your knight in shining armor.” The reaction he received was not what he was expecting. “Do you really think this is pretty woman and I need saving? What is this dress?” she said incredulously while looking at the beautiful green dress. “WHO ARE YOU?” she blurted out loudly. He looked disappointed.

She felt bad that she had darkened his fantasy but this was reality, not a Julia Roberts movie. He said, “My name is Julian. I want to get to know you better. ”

“Why? Why do you want to get to know me better? What is this all about? Are you just wanting a fantasy? What do you want?” she demanded with hostility.

His eyes flared, his face got hot but he calmly said, “It’s like I said, I just wanted to get to know you better. I like how I feel around you and want to learn more about you. You can leave at any time.”

“I am an exotic dancer, stripper, whatever you want to call it. What makes you different from the others?”

“I don’t care what you do for a living. I find you intriguing and interesting and want to spend time with you.”

“Oh” she said and leaned back in the comfortable leather seats. “I’ve got to be out of my mind but let the date begin.” she said snarkily. She took the rose and the glass of champagne he handed her, clinked their glasses together and drank the whole thing at once. She stared at him looking for his agenda. His blue eyes were burning a hole through her. He looked passionate and a tad angry, she liked that look on him. She will remain guarded until she knows for sure what he really wants.

The driver shut the door and went to chauffeur the couple. It was going to be an interesting night.

Julian and Candi sat in the backseat awkwardly trying to make conversation. The tension could have been cut with a knife. Finally, Julian looked at her in the eyes and said, “I have planned the night but if there is any time you want to leave, just say the word and I will take you home and I won’t bother you again.” Candi looked at him back in the eyes, “I appreciate that Julian. Would you tell me where we are going?” and then she smiled and he smiled back. “I will take you to dinner and after that we can go wherever you would like. Is there anything particular you would like to do? Sky’s the Limit.”

“Really?” she said incredulously, “Who are you again?” He smiled a little and said, “Tonight, I’m just Julian.”

They pulled into the front area of the restaurant. Candi had yet to put her dress on. Julian waited for her to change and she asked him if she could change alone. Yes, she knew this is weird considering she was naked in front of him before, but this part is not her job. Julian stepped out of the limo and he and Steve, the chauffeur waited for her to open the door. They were at a top of the line Steakhouse that was impossible to get into. Impossible for most people, but not impossible for Julian. When she stepped out of the car, she took his breath away.

He stood there with Steve and both of them were speechless. She had pinned her mahogany hair up into a loose bun, fixed her makeup and the skin-tight dress showed her every curve in all the right places. He was nervous all of the sudden and he could see that she was too. She looked at both of them and said “WHAT?” Chauffeur Steve composed himself and shut the car door behind her. “Master Julian, I will be waiting here when you are finished” and he went back to the front seat and drove away. Julian stood there staring at her. “You’re beautiful” he stammered and then composed himself. He put his arm out and said “Shall we?”

When they entered the restaurant, everyone was staring at this beautiful creature in the green dress. She felt awkward in such a beautiful place but put her head up high and walked in with grace. The maitre d went right up to Julian and said “Good evening sir. I will get you seated right away.” Candi was shocked. Julian was a big shot. She really wants to know who he is, besides “Just Julian”. They were seated in a private area away from all the other customers. What on earth is going on?

Once they were seated, the waiter came over and brought a bottle of a 1983 Le Pin Bordeaux Blend Red. The waiter poured him a glass and he swirled the glass, smelled the wine and tasted it. He said something in French and the waiter poured them both a glass. She didn’t dare touch it. She didn’t know anything about fancy wines, just the $3.00 kind she unscrews at the 7-11 and usually drinks out of the bottle. What was she doing here?

She looked at Julian and didn’t know what to say. She was way out of her element. Julian sensed that she was uncomfortable. He picked up his glass and said “Cheers” and there was nothing she could do but pick up her glass and clink it against his and sip. The wine was like heaven in a glass. It was smooth and just slid down her throat like silk. All she could say was “Wow!” He smiled really big. She couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous he is but she had to keep her guard up. It was getting harder to resist him.

“So Julian, what do you do for a living?” she said with a mischievous smile because she just couldn’t resist.

Julian liked her smile and found pleasure in her question. “I am a chef. I am Chef Julian.” Her smile got big but then her face fell with astonishment. “Chef Julian? As in, Julian Costa of the Costa Steakhouse? This steakhouse we are sitting in right now? ”

He felt a little embarrassed and smiled sheepishly then said, “The one in the same.” Candi felt like she might pass out.

“It’s really not a big deal. I am just a chef.” Candi sat there with her jaw dropped open and thought to herself “Just a chef? Only one of the most famous chefs in the world. Who also happens to own their own steakhouse that is one of the most famous in the world. Just a chef?”

Candi looked down at her hands and said, “Um, Julian, I am way out of my league here.” Julian frowned and then smirked and said “I was just thinking the same thing about you.” Candi’s head popped up with a look of surprise. How could she be out of his league?

When Julian saw how surprised she was, he realized that she didn’t know her beauty and intelligence. She doesn’t see what he sees. “Don’t you know how beautiful you are?” he asked. At that time, Candi’s eyes watered and a single tear fell down her cheek. He reached across the table and wiped the tear away. Then he rubbed his thumb across her full, beautiful lips and could think of nothing else but that he wanted to kiss those lips again. Candi’s cheeks turned red. “I am just embarrassing myself with you” she whispered.

When she looked up she saw the glint in his eyes and the anger that was following it. He got up out of his chair and walked over to her. In the private room, there was a full wall mirror. He grabbed her hand and put her in front of the mirror while he stood behind her. “What do you see, Candi?” She stuttered but couldn’t answer. “Let me tell you what I see. I see a beautiful woman who has been hurt in life. I see intelligence. I see sexy and I want all of it. How can you not see what I see?” Another tear rolled down her cheek, “You don’t know me Julian. This cannot end well. You should probably take me home.”

He stared into the mirror. She had bowed her head so he wouldn’t see the tears. He pulled her around and placed his lips upon hers with forcefulness and passion. She reciprocated when she felt his energy and the electricity between them but realized what she was doing and pushed him away. “Your kisses are not going to change who I am Julian. Please take me home.”

He conceded. “Candi, please stay for dinner. You need to eat. I am sorry I upset you.” She nodded and agreed to eat with him but all she could think about were the butterflies in her stomach, her need to be with this man and how much she wanted to kiss him again. She had to keep reminding herself that passion isn’t love and she won’t be hurt again. She looked at him and he didn’t seem defeated. He actually looked motivated. What does he really want with her? This couldn’t possibly be a real “thing”.

Julian felt bad that he upset her, but she had to know how he felt when he looked at her. Someone had hurt her really badly at sometime in her life and he wanted to show her that not everyone will hurt her. He wanted her so badly. It felt like he needed her and would be empty without her.

They made polite conversation during dinner. He asked her to talk about herself. He wanted to know her ambitions and her dreams. He wanted to know who she was and where she came from. She wouldn’t talk about the past much except for her younger sister, Jenny. The job she had was going to help her pay for her sister to go to college. She let out little secrets here and there but most of the information was hidden except when she spoke of her sister Jenny. Jenny was 10 years younger than her and she wanted her to have the life that she couldn’t have. Jenny was graduating high school soon and Candi was going to get her into college. Jenny wants to be a fashion designer and Candi is going to help her dreams come true.

Julian was impressed with how much Candi cared for her sister. He had to ask though, “Candi, what are you doing to make your dreams come true?” She looked at him and tilted her head like a puppy trying to understand what he meant. “My dreams aren’t important as long as Jenny gets to be educated and have a life. My life is what it is. I had to make choices. These are my choices so she can have a better life.”

Julian was a bit frustrated. This beautiful intelligent woman was selling her soul so her sibling could have a good life. He knew he liked this woman from the moment he met her. He wanted to make her dreams come true. He had the means. He had the drive. Now he needed to convince the woman.

“If you could have anything in the world, just for you, no strings attached, what would it be?” he asked. “What do you want for you?” She looked puzzled. “I have never really thought about it.” she replied. “I have spent the last 10 years protecting and providing for Jenny. I would want her to have a fulfilling life.” Julian sighed. “Do you want a family? Do you want a career doing something you love? What do you love Candi?”

She put her fist up to her mouth and thought about it. He stared at her because it was such a different look for her. She was thinking really hard to figure out what she loved. It was then that he knew who he was going to love. “I love to dance. I think that is why I picked this as a job, along with the money I make, but I always had a passion for dancing. I never got to take classes or anything so I would watch TV and the Internet and learn from them. When my dad died, he didn’t leave anything for us and my mother didn’t have a lot of skills except being a stay at home mom so we had to make due with what we could. I would work anywhere I could after school and on weekends and dance in my free time. My mom took on a couple of jobs and between the two of us we made ends meet. Jenny was just a little girl then so we took care of her and made things work.”

Julian was touched by this. He stood up and held out his hand “Dance with me.”

“Wwwhhhattt?” she stammered and looked up at him and saw he was serious. “But there isn’t any music.” He said, “I can fix that” and called the waiter over and whispered in his ear. A violinist from the restaurant came into the room and started playing music for them to dance to. “Wow, all you have to do is snap your fingers, huh?” She stood up and put her hand in his and her other hand on his waist. He pulled her close to him and breathed in her scent at the base of her neck.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t dance very well. Maybe you can teach me?” Julian chuckled. Candi looked at him and smiled then put her head back on his shoulder and said “Sure” as she breathed in his cologne. They were silent and just feeling each other through the music. The food began to arrive but they continued to dance. Once the music was finished, she looked at him and said “Thank you. I’m starving now!” He agreed. He was starving too, but for her.

He valued her opinion of the food and the wine. She used description phrases like “It melts like butter in my mouth” and “Smooth and Silky.” He hung on every word and watched her beautiful mouth. He wanted nothing more than to kiss those lips again. He wanted to have her melt like butter in his mouth. He wanted to feel her smooth and silky skin under his hands. “Are you okay?” she asked. He must have had a look on his face. “I’m really good. How are you?” he said feeling silly. His fantasy got away from him. He had to take back control.

As they finished dinner, they decided against dessert, at least at the table. He walked her out of the restaurant back to the limo and asked her if she still wanted to go home. “No, not yet. It’s a beautiful night. Could we go get some ice cream and walk through a park somewhere? I would really like to enjoy this weather.” she suggested. “We can do anything you want.” he grinned. Ice Cream and the park sounded like a wonderful idea.

Steve opened the doors for them and Julian looked at Candi and asked “Which ice cream parlor did you want to go to?” She looked at Julian and Steve and said, “Surprise me.” So they got into the limo and Steve started driving. Apparently Julian already had a place in mind and Steve knew exactly where that was.

Farther away from the restaurant and the city, Steve drove them to the suburbs where they pulled over to a small shopping center. There was an Mom and Pop ice cream store that she wasn’t familiar with that Steve parked in front of. Julian opened his door and put his hand out for Candi. As she got out of the car, he held her hand and they walked into the Ice Cream Parlor. There was an ice cream counter to sit at or booths. It was like they were taken back to the 50’s. There was a jukebox playing 50’s songs and the walls were done in red and white stripes. This was the most incredible place she had ever seen.

Julian walked up to the counter and waited for the man with the little white hat to turn around. Once he did, Candi saw an older version of Julian. He had blue eyes, grayish hair and the same charming smile. “Julian, it’s so wonderful to see you here. I have missed you!” and they gave each other a big hug. “Mama, look who’s here to visit us!” A petite, gray haired, hazel eyed woman came out of the back and almost hopped the counter when she saw Julian. She hugged him that smacked him on the back of the head “I don’t see you anymore. I miss you. You need to call your mother more often.” Then she kissed him on the cheek and smacked him on the head one more time. “Ma, stop smacking my head!” Julian said with a smile. That is when both their eyes turned onto her.

Candi was red in the face. His Parents? Really? It’s the first date. “Mom, Pop, I would like you to meet Candi.” he smirked at her. “A pleasure to meet you Candi. What kind of ice cream would you like? It’s on the house.” said his Pop. Candi was stupefied. “Um, Mint Chip.” “Oh, That’s our Julian’s favorite too.” said Ma. Candi turned as red as a beet. All she wanted to do was run. They sat at the counter and they brought out two bowls of the best ice cream she had ever tasted. Again she said “Wow” and Julian smiled.

They were walking back to the limo and he didn’t want the date to end. He loved to just look at her mahogany hair blowing in the wind, her emerald green eyes shining and her long torso, muscled legs and every inch of her . She glanced his way and looked right into his soul. She said, “Julian, this was the best night I have had in a long time. Thank you.” He smiled at her and then felt like someone punched him in the gut. There wasn’t going to be a second date. There wasn’t going to be a life together. She wasn’t going to stay with him. He could see it in her eyes. She saw his reaction to what she said and she knew that he knew this was the end.

As much as she wanted to be with this man, they were from different lands entirely. She had to focus on her sister and if she was with him, she couldn’t focus on what was important. She saw the look of defeat on his face. It was then that she walked up to him and initiated the kiss. When she separated from him she whispered passionately, “Let’s finish this date off right. Take me home with you.”

His eyes glazed over for a minute. He wanted this so badly. They got into the limo and headed back to his house. It wasn’t disappointing. The house was a mansion. They arrived and Steve opened the door to the limo. She got out and waited for him to exit. Then they took each other’s hands and went into the house, nothing but two shadows walking up the stairs to find their destiny with each other. It was the best night for both of them, but when morning came, it was over.

There is an empty space in his life. He sits on the rock, his feet dangling in the water. It was the only place he could relax, where all the pressure was lifted off his shoulders. He wished, he could share it with her though. While his eyes scanned the ocean he wondered where she would be right now, what she was doing and whom she was with.  He will find her one day, his Candi.

Finish it #12-Rule Breaking

She looked stunning. Her long, mahogany hair was softly running along the sides of her face, framing it, making her features stand out. Her skin seemed flawless, her lips soft. He wanted her. Here and now. But he knew he had to wait. It was not the time nor the place. He could tell that she longed for him too. He could see it in her eyes. If only… Why was it so complicated?

He frequented The Dragon’s Lair often. He came here just to see her. Candi is what she called herself. He wanted to know her real name. He watched her from afar from top to bottom. The mahogany hair that curled down her face, her emerald-green eyes, her perfect olive colored flawless skin and those kissable lips. Her shape was like an hourglass, perfectly proportioned and her legs were muscular and capable of so many things. He fantasized about her long fingers and perfectly manicured nails scratching down his skin in passion. He wanted her badly and he could feel the heat between them every time he looked at her.

He would visit the establishment, drink a little and wait until they could be alone. He loved to watch her work but he loved it more when they could have a rendezvous and she was all his. It could be 5 minutes, 3 hours or forever. He treasured every moment with this beauty. The passion they shared boiled his blood. He felt like he would die of the heat stroke when she was near. He wanted every part of her. She belonged to him.

There he was again. She saw the passion in his eyes. He visited her every night. He treated her nice and always made her feel special. She knew he watched her as she worked. Every night, they would have time alone together, he made sure of that. He was a good looking guy. He had sandy brown hair, bright blue eyes and a killer smile. He was charming and possessive. She liked him but he scared her a little. She tried to keep him happy. Sometimes she felt like he was making love to her with his eyes.

It was time for them to be alone. His temperature boiled with anticipation of being with this exciting creature. She prepped herself because he always treated her well. It was time to go down to the lair.

She entered the room knowing he would be waiting. He was sitting in the chair and waiting with anticipation. She walked across the room as sexy as possible biting on her finger and asking him what he wanted. He told her that she knew what he wanted. Her body shivered for a second then she reminded him of the rules. No touching her, only she could touch him.

She started moving and began his nightly lap dance. He always reacted positively to her dances. He never paid any of the other dancers to dance for him, only her. This was her job but it was his fantasy. He pictured himself possessing her every day and night. She thought about what to do after she was done working. Would she go out with the girls? Take a lover? Go home to her cat and read a book in her apartment? She tried to be in the moment but he always looked at her so strange as if he could gobble her up.

He would mumble under his breath about her beauty. He would look at her neck and think about how it would taste to kiss her and feel her pulse under his tongue. He knew the rules but sometimes she let him break them, even if just for a moment. He really wanted to break the rules right now. He wanted every inch of her body, right here, right now.

She saw the flash in his eyes and she knew he wanted to break the rules. She could see the burning in his eyes and his hands flinched trying to hold himself back from touching her. His desire was obvious. Her desire was to keep her job. He paid for a 45 minute dance and she was only about 15 minutes into it. Is she going to make it through the next half hour with his eyes burning into her skin?

He could feel his pulse rising and his body heating up. Would she break the rules for him tonight? She still had time left to dance and either he could make her break the rules and possibly get kicked out or he could enjoy the time he had left. What would he decide? Was there any way he could have both? He decided to close his eyes and calm himself down before he did something he might regret.

She saw his eyes burn bright and then he closed them. When he closed his eyes, it usually meant that he was calming down and taking control. She kept dancing and hoping for him to relax. She tried not to talk to him or touch him to wind him up again. The passion and burning in his eyes scared her and that was the only time he seemed to lose control at all. She wished she knew how to handle him. Her body got so hot when he was close and he smelled so good but she needed this job. She was only a fantasy to him, nothing more. She couldn’t get close, EVER.

When his eyes opened, they were so blue but the flash was dulled and he was back in control. He waved her closer to him and she obeyed. He asked her to continue her dance. He whispered to her how beautiful she was and how he wanted every inch of her, Forever.

These things had been said to her before but why did it feel so different when he said it to her? The conviction in his voice was creepy and scary and extremely possessive. Forever? She usually didn’t talk back to her customers but “Forever?”

She told him that she can only dance for him and that forever is a mighty long time. She is only a fantasy and he would go back to the real world after this was over. She appreciated his generosity and kind words but this is all there is for them. She danced, that’s it. There was nothing more. She said this with her back to him because she was scared to look into his eyes. She didn’t know what she would see. She did look at his reflection in the mirror.

His eyes fired up with smugness and then he looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked frightened. He liked it that she was a little frightened of him. She scared the hell out of him. They had a connection. He wanted her to be part of his world.

The 45 minutes were up and the dance was over. He didn’t want her to stop. He just sat there and watched her and listened to the music. He tried to say something but the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. What was it about this girl that was so intriguing to him? He finally found his words and asked her if she would like to go to dinner sometime.

That was definitely not what she was expecting. He had visited her every night for 2 weeks and never asked her for anything more than a lap dance. A date? She was an exotic dancer, doesn’t he know how many customers ask her out on a date? It is against the rules to date any customers. It was against her moral rules. And hell, he scared her.

She graciously thanked him for the offer but told him that she didn’t think it was a good idea. She wasn’t allowed to date customers. He looked deep into her green eyes and told her that if that was the case, he would no longer be her customer as long as she will go out on a date with him. His blue eyes burned a hole into her soul. It was her that lost her words this time. She was melting into an abyss and wasn’t sure how to not stay in it.

It was then that he passionately kissed her. It had been so long overdue for him. She had drowned into those blue eyes just a second too long and he thought she had invited him in. Hell, maybe she did. When he kissed her so passionately her legs went weak and her heart started beating as if it was going to burst out of her chest. He body shook with passion and she lost control. It was nothing more than a kiss, but it was one hell of a kiss.

He backed out of the embrace slowly and asked her to reconsider his offer of dinner. All she could do was stare at him as he walked out the door. She nodded her head slightly as if to say yes and had this confused look on her face. He looked back at her for a moment and went on his way. It was then that she no longer felt hypnotized. OH NO, what had she done? She was going to lose her job. She couldn’t go on a date with him. She felt tingly all over. What is she going to do? She is going to compose herself and go back to her job and deal with this later. If she can.

He walked out of there arrogantly and smug. He kissed her and fireworks went off in his head. He was right about her. They were meant to be together. He could feel it all the way down to his bones and all other parts of his body. She could feel it too. When he broke the kiss, she was longing for him. He could see the glazed over look in her emerald eyes. He took her by surprise and he was pretty surprised at his boldness. He got to put his hands through those mahogany curls as he touched those luscious lips and pulled her hourglass figure up against his. She smelled like flowers blooming in the hot sun. He only had a taste of her and he knew that he didn’t want anyone else. He wanted to taste her lips again. He has pursued her for weeks. He will take a break from the establishment for a while to show her that he could be a non-customer.

As she came to her senses, she rushed out of the lap dance room and went to the back room for her next assignment. She didn’t want another assignment. She wanted him. His blue eyes burned through her and his kiss intoxicated her. How could one person reveal so much with one kiss? How could two people have so much passion without really knowing each other? She needed to forget him. She needed to get him out of her mind. She needed to kiss him again.

It had been a week since he kissed her and he hasn’t been back to The Dragon’s Lair. She was all he could think about. He didn’t visit her all week at the establishment but he dreamed about her every night. They did a lot more than kiss and his body reacted every morning to his longing for her. It was time for him to see her again. It was time for the next step.

It had been a week since the kiss. He hasn’t come by in 7 whole days and she was started to tell herself that it was nothing and unimportant. Did he change his mind? Maybe he was just playing with her. A lot of the guys that come here do that. Well, if he ever shows up again, she will ignore him and pretend he doesn’t exist, unless he buys a lap dance. Then they will be alone together. She will keep a hands off policy.

He walked in dressed in a blue dress shirt and jeans. His sandy blond hair was perfectly tamed and his shirt made his eyes even bluer than usual. He felt good and he looked good. It was time to claim his prize. She was on the stage in a red two piece g-string and bikini top and her mahogany hair was falling around her face. When she looked up, her green eyes caught his.

As she was dancing on the stage, she felt him come into the room. She tried not to glance in his direction but he made it very difficult. His blue eyes stared right at her and when she looked at him she became mesmerized. She was confused by him and it made her angry. It is best not to show anger. She decided instead of being mean, she would act like nothing happened. She kept dancing and when she finished her set, she went into the back room. Her heart was pounding and she was out of breath and flushed. How can he do this to her with just a glance? Then one of the manager’s came in and told her she had a special request for a lap dance. She took a deep breath and put on her “I don’t care” face and swallowed her pride.

After her set was done, he watched her walk backstage. He went up to the manager and asked for his lap dance. His heart was pounding and his blood was boiling. He couldn’t wait to see her, smell her and maybe even taste her again.

She walked in the room with a smile and a look of confidence. He was sitting in his seat as he always did. She tried to ignore how beautiful he looked in that chair and how blue his eyes reflected off of the shirt he was wearing. She waited for the music to start playing, Maroon 5’s “Hands All Over.” “Put your hands, all over, put your hands all over me” is the way the song starts. The irony wasn’t lost on either of them.

He sat in the chair just watching her dance. She seemed to have an extra special swing in her step. When he would reach up, she would wag her finger back and forth at him and remind him of the rules. The rules? After that kiss a week ago? Rules? What game was she playing?

His eyes burned into her skin as he watched her dance. She was swinging her hips sexier than usual and when he would reach up to her, she would remind him of the rules. Did she ever want to break them right now! He needed a little reminder that she hadn’t seen him in a week after that passionate embrace and he wasn’t getting off that easy.

As she turned her back to him and wagged her bottom, he stood up and held her close. She was surprised but he was able to hold her very tight and whispered in her ear that he wanted to know her real name. He wanted to know her. He wanted her. He felt her body tense up with anticipation and fear. The feeling was electric.

She turned around to tease him and the next thing she knew, he was holding her. The feel of his arms was like electricity on her skin. He started whispering to her so close to her ear that she could feel his hot breath and it was making her body shiver uncontrollably. Then he told her he wanted her name. She tensed up. No one knew her real name, especially not a customer. She didn’t say anything. She just stayed there in his arms. That is where she wanted to be.

He turned her around and his face was so close to her face that she could smell a minty smell from his breath. It was intoxicating. She found her words and told him he could call her Candi. He grabbed her tighter and held her even closer until their lips were almost touching. He wanted her real name. She melted in his arms and then told him no, she wouldn’t reveal her name. That is when he kissed her again. She didn’t know it could be even more passionate than the first time but this time she didn’t know if she could even stand up afterwards. She was falling hard and fast but there is no such thing as love at first sight. This was just a case of lust. A LOT OF LUST.

He wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He demanded she have dinner with him tonight after her shift. He didn’t care how late. He told her he would have a car waiting for her and he would have her brought to dine with him. Then he walked out and left her just standing there, shocked, confused and wanting.

A car waiting? Who is this guy? Why should she trust him? She didn’t even know his name and he wasn’t going to know hers. The electricity in the air was sparking and even though she wanted to decline, there was something in his eyes that told her he didn’t take no for an answer. One dinner can’t hurt and she would be hungry. Really, she didn’t have anything better to do and she really wanted to see him again.

She was filled with anticipation for when her shift was over. She was scared. She was excited. Her belly was doing flip flops. It was almost time to go and she got her stuff together and put on her regular clothes. What if he is just playing a game? Who sends a car? Why me?

As she walked out the door, she looked around for a car. What she saw was a limo with someone holding up the name Candi. WTF? She walked up to the driver and said “Who is this guy?” The driver smiled and opened the door and there he sat, with a rose, a bottle of wine and a smile. Oh Boy!

Finish It #7-Life in Sauderville Part II

His hands were trembling. He wasn’t sure what to do. He wasn’t sure what to think. All he knew was it was now or never. From the look on her face, it will probably be never. He knew she was upset and angry with him. She had every right to be. She had hurt him more than he will ever tell her. His life here has been great and now she stands in the doorway, pale and scared and he could just stand there and stare at her.

“John” was all she said and then she fainted. He ran over to her and lifted her up in his arms. He carried her into the back room and laid her down on a cot. Then he grabbed the phone and called the sheriff. He talked to Sheriff Walker in hushed tones. He explained that Julie was here and she fainted. She looked scared and he wasn’t sure what exactly was going on.

Julie started to awaken and she heard John talking on the phone very quietly. She heard her name and that she had fainted. She bolted up on the cot with her eyes wide and terrified. John heard the rustle and turned around. Julie was sitting upright and she looked like she’d seen a devil. His face reflected the fear in hers and he hung up the phone and went over to her.

With arrogance and sarcasm, he asked her if seeing him was that frightening that she would faint. She narrowed her eyes and glared at him. She didn’t have anything to say. She only asked when the Sheriff would arrive. John told her that he would be there soon. Then they sat in an awkward silence until he got up, went back into the lobby, sat back in his chair, and pretended to work. He didn’t doze off this time.

Julie had never fainted before and was shocked and disgusted with herself for her reaction. Between the body in the house and seeing John, it must have overwhelmed her. She hoped the Sheriff would arrive soon so he could send out some of his deputies to the house. She was still frightened about what she thought she saw.

Sheriff Walker came to the station within 5-10 minutes. He acknowledged his deputy and went back to the room where Julie was sitting. When he saw her, he knew something was terribly wrong. Julie’s long brown hair was matted to her face, her makeup was smudged and she was as pale as a ghost. The Sheriff asked her what had frightened her.

Julie told him that she was checking up on the house and that she saw a lifeless body laying on a mattress. She didn’t know who it was or what it was and it scared her. She didn’t tell him about the whisper. She already sounded crazy and erratic, she didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

The Sheriff asked John to come in and told him to get Deputy Earl Warble and go take a look at the house. Normally, he wouldn’t have put much thought into this woman’s behavior except for the look in her eyes and the fear she was emitting from her whole being. Something was definitely wrong and he didn’t want to screw this up, especially with the history of her family’s deaths.

John called Earl and they left to go check out the Greenfield House. Earl kept saying it was probably a squatter and since it was dark, she couldn’t see it was just a person sleeping. John just nodded his head but his thoughts were on Julie. Julie was not one to scare easily. Earl didn’t see the look on her face when she jogged into the station. Earl didn’t see the urgency in her eyes when she sat up straight after she fainted. Earl didn’t know the emotions and was speculating. The shock of seeing her after all this time has his belly twisted in knots and his mind moving a mile a minute. Regardless of the situation, he had forgotten how beautiful she is and he found himself missing her.

After they parked and approached the house, they brought out their flashlights and guns. The old house looked creepy at night and John wondered if there was such a thing as ghosts because if there was, this house would have them. He became nostalgic with memories of happy times with Julie and her family. He missed them too.

Earl and John slowly entered the house and yelled out to anyone who may be there that they were the police. There was no reply. They cleared each room downstairs until they decided to climb the stairs to the room that Julie said she saw a body. They approached the room slowly and with great precaution. The door was closed, which was unusual since Julie said she backed out and ran. She wouldn’t have taken the time to close the door.

They creaked the door open and shined the flashlights into the room. They scanned the area and the mattress. There was something on the mattress but it was not a body. There was an old Minnie Mouse doll about 2 feet tall underneath a blanket. John remembered this doll from when he and Julie were together. To him she was all woman, but that Minnie Mouse doll was important to her and reminded him of her playful childlike demeanor. That Minnie was a symbol of hope for Julie of travel and adventure. She wanted to go to Disney World or Disneyland. It was part of her dream.

Earl guffawed and said that it was typical of a girl to get scared of a mouse. John just grimaced. He grabbed Minnie Mouse and they departed the house. As they walked out on the front lawn, John felt a presence and turned and looked up to the second story window where he saw a shadow. He figured he must be getting exhausted with everything that happened in the last couple hours. He was getting paranoid. That wasn’t like him. It must be the surprise of seeing Julie again.

They arrived back at the station and showed Julie and the Sheriff what they found. Julie swore that is not what she saw. She would have recognized it. It was bigger, in the fetal position and very, very dark. The Sheriff could see she was still scared but there really wasn’t anything else he could do at this point. He asked where she was staying and offered to have John take her home. Both Julie and John’s jaws dropped at the thought of them being alone in the same car together. The Sheriff wouldn’t take no for an answer and they left in the squad car on the way to the only hotel in town, The Sauderville Inn.  They had been there before together years before. They had their first intimate relations there on prom night.

The car ride was silent. It was only 10 minutes to the Inn but it felt like forever. He parked the car in the lot by her room and she got out of the car. He got out too and she told him to go home and let her be. She took Minnie to her room and shut the door. He frowned and then got agitated. She was the one who left town. Did she expect him to follow her? This was his home. He was made a good home here, why is she intruding on his life now? Didn’t she look beautiful? No, No stop thinking that he told himself. It was over. It was done. She is no longer a part of his life. He sighed loudly and drove back to the station.

As he headed back to the station, he had so many thoughts running through his mind that he wasn’t paying attention to the road. All of the sudden in front of him, he saw a little boy. Not just any little boy either. It was Terrance. He would know those blue eyes anywhere. He swerved the car and drove into a ditch. When he looked out his window, Terrance was looking in at him, reaching for him. The window was closed but he had a scary grin and looked evil. This was not at all what Terrance was like. All of the sudden, his face changed and Terrance was there pleading with John to help her and his hand went through the window and grabbed him. Help who? Then Terrance changed back into the evil child. John closed his eyes tight and screamed as loud as he could. When he opened his eyes, Terrance was gone.

John pulled out his gun and flashlight and got out of the car. He swung his arms around clumsily while looking for a ghost. There was no one there but him. He didn’t know what was going on but he thought that Julie might be in trouble. He was able to back the car out of the ditch and drive back to the Inn.

Julie walked into her room and let out a big sigh and sat down on the bed and began to sob. It was all too much for her. The figure in the room, seeing John again, missing her family and the terror she still felt. She held Minnie and sobbed until she couldn’t sob anymore. She didn’t know what to do next and she was very scared. As she sat there, she felt a cool breeze go by her and it felt as if there were a hand on her shoulder. She looked at her shoulder and there was an impression of a hand. Her family was here. As much as she felt peace that they were with her, she was scared and froze on the edge of the bed. Then there was a loud knock on the door and the hand went away.

John was knocking on her door vehemently. He was scared and didn’t want to see the evil Terrance again. Julie came to the door with her eyes red and puffy. She opened the door and he grabbed her and pushed her inside. She screamed and asked him what the hell he was doing. He grabbed her again but this time closed his arms around her and held her. At first she tried to resist, but eventually just collapsed into his arms. They stayed like that for a few minutes.

Julie was taken back to his smell and he presence. How she loved the way he felt. John smelled her hair and remembered the familiarity of being with her. What happened to them?

Julie finally pushed away and asked him what he was doing. He told her she would think he was crazy but he thought she was in trouble. Julie didn’t understand what he was talking about. On John’s arm was a mark. It was a hand print. Julie asked him what happened and he just broke down and told her about his experience. She kept saying it couldn’t be Terrance, it couldn’t be Terrance, but she was afraid that it was and not a good version of him. She punched at John and swore at him but once again collapsed into his arms. He held her tight and told her that he would protect her. How on earth would he protect her, he couldn’t protect himself?

John called Sheriff Walker and told him that he was with Julie and they had a bad experience and asked if he could come to the Inn. He explained that they were alright for now but they needed his help. The Sheriff was on his way over.

Once the Sheriff arrived, they let him into the room and explained about the house and what John saw in the car. John looked at the Sheriff and pleaded as he told him that he wouldn’t lie about something like this. The Sheriff knew John and wanted to believe him but his story was outrageous. Something was definitely going on and it was so much more than he could handle.

The Sheriff told John and Julie to get some sleep as it was almost dawn and they would do some research later in the day. They needed to understand the history of this town. There was something hidden in the archives that someone wasn’t explaining and they would find out. Neither John nor Julie could sleep, so they all went over to the library together to gather information.

Sheriff Walker had to wake up the head librarian, Sonya Lippert, and ask her for the keys to the building. As the building was her responsibility, she demanded that she go with them and watch over her precious books. The Sheriff thought she may be of some help considering she knew that library inside and out.

The four of them drove over to the library and Sonya asked them on the way there what they were looking for. They explained they needed to know the history of the town. Sonya looked surprised for a moment and said that no one had asked for the archives before. She would lead them directly to the books.

There was a dark and dusty room hidden in the back of the library. No one visits it often, so they had to wipe down some counters and move some cobwebs. Then they started looking at the history of their town. There was a lot more there than they anticipated. One book in particular stood out. It was a diary of some sort written in the 1800’s. It told of things that weren’t possible. It talked about the past, present and future. It looked like it had some spells written in it. They needed an expert to read these words. They had to take a trip to the university that was 30 miles away.

They called Paul Schroeder, the history expert. They planned a meeting with him and met with him within the hour. He was intrigued to see what they found. They were frightened to find out what was really going on. Paul started reading the book and his eyes opened wide as he realized what this was, it was a demon summoning. They asked him what was wrong and he explained that they had a big problem on their hands. The writer of the diary was summoning demons to the Town of Sauderville. Families had been killed and destroyed over the years. A mother, a father and a son always died and the daughter always lived. It was always a family of four every 5-10 years. They needed to know the origin of the diary.

Paul called in some of his expert friends and they got to work. In the meantime, the Sheriff, John and Julie drove back to Sauderville to see what else they could find. They went back to the library.

After going through several books and newspaper articles, they found what they were looking for. Lisette Pagget was a girl in her late teens. She had a mom, Harriet, dad, James and younger brother, Theodore. Lisette was a girl in love. She had met Peter at school and they were madly in love. Her father forbid their marriage as he was only a peasant and he had higher hopes for whom his daughter would marry. Harriet tried to console Lisette, but told her that what her father says goes and that is just the way it is. She had to marry Eugene, a proper gentleman. Lisette wanted to marry for love, not stature. She was not allowed to make her own choices. She would be sent away from Peter and would be expected to marry Eugene.

Lisette became very angry. Her brother would get to make a choice of who he would marry because he was a boy. Her mother wouldn’t stand up to her father. Her father would not let her marry the man she loved. Lisette was heartbroken and depressed.

She was walking by a boutique one day and she saw something inside that fascinated her. It was a gold necklace with a funny looking symbol on it. She had to look at it and find out what it was. The lady who ran the store told her that she received that as a donation to sell. She also thought it was beautiful and asked Lisette if she would like to try it on. Lisette was happy for the first time in days and she put on the necklace. With the necklace came great power, but Lisette didn’t know this. She asked how much it was and without knowing it, her eyes turned a devilish color and the lady told her she could have it. Lisette was puzzled but she loved her necklace and told the lady she would pay her back for it.

Lisette never parted with the necklace but she didn’t know how much power it actually had. The necklace made her write things. Things she didn’t understand. Words that didn’t make any sense. What she thought was just gibberish was the summoning of a demon trapped within the necklace. As she said the words out loud, the demon was released from his tomb.

The demon quickly entered Lisette’s body and took over. The first thing it did was claim Lisette’s soul and then it went after others. Since Lisette was angry with her family, it claimed Harriet, James and Theodore’s souls in a horrible slaying of the whole family. Lisette was holding the knife when the police arrived after the neighbors heard the screams. They restrained Lisette as she sobbed on the ground and screamed that she didn’t do it, the devil did it. She went into an institution until her dying day. The demon still runs free and kills souls in Sauderville by entering the soul of the daughter. It has grown smart over the years and makes it appear as if the daughter has left town so it can stay there until its next set of souls to take.

That is when everyone looked at Julie and her eyes turned red. Lisette’s voice and Julie’s voice screamed at the same time to tell them to run. The Sheriff, John and Sonya started to run but Julie’s soul was already gone and their souls would be taken too. Until someone could figure out how to put the demon back in the necklace, it settled in the town and inhabited a simple doll until it could inhabit a girl in love to steal souls. John and Julie would be together forever, in the kingdom of fire and the demon would live on in the town of Sauderville, waiting for its next prey.

Finish It #1-Life in Sauderville

She carefully opened the door, not sure what to expect. It had been a while since she has visited. Nothing was the way she remembered and when her eyes finally got adjusted to the dark, what she saw made her shiver…then she covered her mouth with her fist before she could let out a scream.

There was a body. It was lying still on a mattress. She wondered if the body was alive but without a light she wanted to turn and run. All she could do was back away slowly and stare at the lifeless figure. She heard a soft whisper “Julie, we’ve been waiting for you!” She held back a scream and finally backed into the hallway and bumped the wall. The power had been turned off and the house had been empty since the incident. She was told there may be squatters but she didnt expect anything like this.

When she finally came to her senses, she turned and ran down the hallway, down the stairs and out the door. It had been too long and she had been avoiding the house. It was unsellable and unrentable since the horrifying deaths took place. It was her childhood home and now it was just haunting and possibly even haunted. She got in her car and drove to the nearest police station. It was late in Sauderville but she needed help.

There was one deputy at the station. He was leaning his chair back and dozing. Not much usually happens in this small town. She was panicked but didn’t want to scare him so much that the chair fell back. She walked through the door and the bell door jingled. The deputy sat up straight and the awkwardness began. It was John Walsh.

John and Julie were the prom king and queen. They were voted mostly likely to get married and have children right out of high school (at least that is what they said behind their backs). After graduation, Julie decided that she wanted more than staying in this small town. She wanted a life beyond Sauderville. John had no intentions of leaving his home and Julie had to make the hardest decision of her life. She had to leave and find herself in another town or another state. She left her mother, father and brother behind as well as John to see the world.

Julie’s family lived in a quaint little house in walking distance to the grocery store, the butcher, the hardware store and some other little boutiques. There wasn’t a Walmart or Target for miles. When she made her decision to leave, her mother cried and her father pretended to be brave. Her 10-year old little brother, Terrance, begged her not to leave. Those innocent, beautiful blue eyes almost made her stay but she bravely had to leave. A year later, the tragedies happened. If Julie hadn’t left, she would have been part of the incident.

After Julie settled in a small city and got a job, she would send money home to her family. She bought them cell phones and talked to them routinely. She missed her family but she loved her life. John stopped talking to her completely and told her not to contact him. She was hurt but so was he. She wanted to respect his wishes so she didn’t call, text or email.

After she had been gone a year, she got a call from the Sheriff. Sheriff Clay Walker was fairly new to the town. In the 6 months he had been there, things had been quiet. A domestic disturbance, a drunken disorderly and maybe some kids putting graffiti on the walls but not anything as horrible as what happened in the Greenfield’s house. Sheriff Walker moved out of the city to move to a quiet small town that had little action.

The Greenfields were a nice family who didn’t bother anyone. Mr. Greenfield worked at the hardware store. Mrs. Greenfield was a stay at home mother. She knitted and sewed. Terrance was a 10 year old boy in the fifth grade. He had a lot of friends. Their case was never solved. They were found brutally murdered in their home on April 1st which was believed to be an April fools joke gone wrong. The only living relative is Julie Greenfield.

When the Sheriff called Julie she thought someone was playing a tasteless prank on her to find out it was true. When she came back to identify the bodies and arrange the funeral, John never even gave her condolences. She had written him out of her life but here he was sitting in front of her with his mouth gaped open wide .

The Sheriff had questioned John regarding the murders. There was no evidence he was involved. He worked as a clerk for the sheriff’s office and showed promise enough to promote him to a deputy.

Julie stayed for the identification, the funeral and to pack up the house. Then she ran back to her life and cried at home alone every now and then. Mostly she was sad that Terrance wouldn’t be able to grow up and live his life. She also missed her parents terribly. Now she was back reliving this tragedy and she was frightened of the memories and whatever was in that house.

To be continued…

Finish It #2- No Regrets

How was it possible that she ended up here? She was so careful, followed the rules and took no risks whatsoever.

Her life is in a cubicle behind a desk doing data entry at a menial salary. She had dreams of being a gymnast or a ballerina. She would be on broadway. She would go to college and get an art degree. She wanted a family. She would be something but all she is doing is data entry behind a desk. How did she get here?

Sometimes a life with no risks taken isn’t much of a life at all. Fear will keep people from living. Sometimes a person has to bend the rules and take some risks if they want to live life to its fullest. Rules are made to be broken. Risks are there to be had. Life is there to be lived.

How should she overcome these fears and rules? When will she choose to be out of her comfort zone? When will her life begin? When she makes the choice to do more. The choice is hers. She can start small and build up. At any age, her life is still new and blooming.

Take a dance class or some type of gymnastics. Try out for a community theater production. Get a student loan and go back to school. Find a new job that is interesting and not menial. Go online to a dating site or find ways to meet new people with similar interests. Get artificial insemination if you want a baby or adopt.

Life is what one makes of it and if you find yourself in a place where your dreams aren’t even surfacing, then change what you are doing.

It’s scary and seems impossible but there is possible in impossible. It is actually I’m possible.

If you don’t want to do it alone, find a friend that will do the things that you won’t and try the impossible things you wouldn’t do before.

Living life in a rut and routine that doesn’t fit your personality isn’t much of a life at all. It will create regrets that you make not be able to save. Don’t have regrets, have adventures and make stories.

The Sparkle to the Soul – Part II – Conclusion to Finish It # 10

He heard her stutter and knew he was onto something. Jacob was struggling with this phenomenon and he wanted answers. He suspected she wasn’t going to give him answers easily. He needed to find out a different way to learn the truth. He needed a plan. A foolproof plan that only happens at night.

Sabrina knew about her talent early on but only learned to control it in her teenage years. When she was young, the teachers brought it to her parent’s attention that they could not wake her when she slept during nap time. That is when the poking and the prodding began.  They diagnosed her with narcolepsy. They said she couldn’t control when she fell asleep and became awake without knowing the time she lost. That wasn’t true. She watched them poke and prod her. She didn’t want to feel the pain so she removed her soul and waited until they were finished before she allowed herself to wake up. They decided an institution was the best place for her. She was removed from her family and friends. Her mother came to visit her once a week but the doctor’s said there had been no progress.

For Sabrina, there was a lot of progress. Not only did she begin to control her projections but she learned how to touch things and move things in that state. On her eighteenth birthday, she opted to leave the institution. They could no longer keep her there. She felt 6 years of her life there was well spent and she was ready to take on the world. She wrote to her mother and thanked her for visiting but she will not be seeing her again.  This is when Sabrina’s life had begun.

Sabrina learned how to manipulate people in their dreams to get the things she wanted. She got her first job after projecting into the boss’ dream and subconsciously showing and telling her to hire her at the store. It wasn’t much but it was her first step of freedom. She wanted to attend college.  She had studied at the institution as much as she could and knew that she could get her GED. As long as she passed their tests, she could study at the college.

There have been many men in the last 7 years of Sabrina’s life. Technically, Sabrina was a virgin.  Spiritually, she was not exactly a virgin. When she met a boy that she liked, she found herself watching him in his dreams and being a part of his world. After a while, the constant dreams started to haunt the boys and they would break it off with her, except for Jacob. Jacob seemed to want to know more. Could she trust him?

Jacob started to learn about dreams and souls separating from the body. He learned it was called astral projection. He wondered if this was what Sabrina was capable of doing. He assumed that this gift scared her or had scared others. He wanted to learn more but he needed to approach carefully. Jacob learned how to manipulate his dreams so the next time she visited him, he could confront her.

Sabrina had kept away from projecting to Jacob but she wanted to see him and feel him so badly. Jacob studied and learned about dreaming and how to control his dreams. Sabrina hadn’t visited him lately in his dreams. They saw each other on campus but she was avoiding him. He hoped she would visit him soon. The night awaits and he was almost ready.

At times of anxiety and stress, Sabrina had issues controlling her ability. The more she avoided Jacob, the more anxious she became. It had been 2 weeks since the incident and she had been avoiding him. He looked sad when she would see him and she would wave hello but find an excuse to get away. He couldn’t know who she really was until she was ready. Unfortunately, after two weeks, she fell into a deep meditation of both need and exhaustion. She left her body and traveled to Jacob’s brownstone. He wasn’t asleep so she just hid in the shadows and watched him.

Jacob wasn’t really very tired but he knew if he didn’t sleep, she wouldn’t visit him. All the sudden, he felt a shiver through his body and it was like someone was watching him, waiting for him, wanting him. He froze for a moment but didn’t want to scare her away. He could smell her scent very faintly. He decided to try to go to sleep. It was difficult for him to sleep knowing that she was there. He needed to relax and meditate his way into sleep so he could see her again.

Sabrina watched him and saw him freeze up for a moment. She worried that something had given her away. Maybe he had just forgotten something. He got up from his desk and turned out the lights and lay down in his bed. Soon enough, his breathing was shallow. It was then she came out of the shadows and lay down next to him.

He felt her lay next to him and he smiled. He was in the control state of his sleep and he rolled over and put his arms around her as he had done so many nights before in his dreams. He whispered to her and asked her where she had been. She touched his face lovingly and kissed his brow and said that she had always been there with him.  This was what he was waiting for her to do. It was their routine. He said that he felt like he was so in love with her soul but he missed her being. When would he get to see her physical form again?

Sabrina backed away from him. He opened his eyes and she saw a sparkle. She feared the worst but he just stared at her and told her how special she is to him. It was then that she saw the sparkle into his soul. She knew he wasn’t going to run away. He was her soul mate. He learned how to communicate with her in his dream. He loved her just the way she was. Sabrina was scared but she smiled and told him how much she loved him and asked if he could accept her. He smiled and sparkled and told her that this gift just made her even more special to him and he wanted to share a life with her and her soul.

She started to float away and it was his turn to get frightened. She turned and smirked at him, wiggled her hips a little bit more than usual and told him to call her sometime because she wanted to make a life with him. He smiled and they both sparkled at each other as they knew this was the beginning of the rest of their lives.

Finish It #10 – The Sparkle to the Soul – Part I

He looked in her eyes. He could see the sparkle in them, something that always had fascinated him. She had the most beautiful eyes, eyes that seemed like windows to her soul. No matter what he felt, when he looked in her eyes, he immediately relaxed. She smiled at him and he had to smile as well. What a wonderful person she was. Smart, strong, loving and so so pretty. They hugged and again he felt her love, the warmth. A feeling he got whenever they hugged. It was strange but she made him feel safe. How could she make him feel safe? He was supposed to make her feel safe.

She looked into his hazel green eyes. Her reflection of her showed something very different from what he saw. He saw a smart, strong and loving woman. She saw a frightened little girl. He made her feel safe and she was able to pretend to be someone else with him. Someone he could love and adore. If he knew the truth, he wouldn’t love her and hug her so tight. He would run away like they all did.

He looked in her dark brown eyes again and he noticed the sparkle fading. What could make this beautiful woman’s sparkle fade that quickly? He asked her if everything is OK and she smiled her biggest smile and the sparkle came back. He can’t help but wonder what would have made that sparkle fade. He wanted to know everything about her. He wanted to be one with her soul. He believed she was his soul mate and would make his world complete. Still, that sparkle faded and he needed to know why.

She saw his concern. Her face must have reflected her doubt and insecurity. She smiled big and hoped he couldn’t see into her soul. Her tainted soul that will make him leave. She doesn’t want him to leave. She loved him. She hoped he loved her as much because her secret might tear them apart.

He watched her walk up the steps to her brownstone and waited for her to turn around and look at him with her little smirk. Her hips swayed back and forth up the stoop and he could feel a stirring of emotion inside of him. The emotion was so strong that he felt a shiver throughout his body. He suddenly felt fully alert and alive but there was something nagging at his subconscious. It was the fade of the sparkle in her eyes. He needed to understand her fears so he could make her feel safe and comfort her. He needed to understand her past.

As she walked up the stoop, she swayed her hips a little extra because she knew he was watching. She turned and gave him the little smile that she always does and she could see him come alive. She will never tire of the feeling she gets when she looked at him. There are butterflies in her belly and her whole body shivers with anticipation of who they can be together. Then she saw a look of doubt in his face and then determination. What could that mean? Did she give something away? She has done everything right. She won’t sleep tonight knowing that he was questioning something. Does he know? If he did, wouldn’t he have left by now?

Who is Sabrina Foxworth? They had known each other for a few months now and they were connected. He could feel it with every inch of his being, but she was holding something back. He had asked her before about her past but she usually changed the subject. What could be so horrible that she can’t talk about it? His childhood was fairly normal so he couldn’t imagine that this wonderful being could have anything horrible in her past. What was her secret?

Who is Jacob Jameson? She was definitely infatuated with him. He was the first thing she thought about when she woke up in the morning. She could only wish that she could wake up every morning next to him. She wanted to feel the warmth of his body next to hers all the time. He wanted it too, she could feel it. He would pull away if he learned the truth. The others who had started to realize the truth had run away and left her. Everyone left her.

Sabrina was the first thing he thought about when he woke up in the morning. He would love to wake up next to her every morning and pull her against him. They had been taking it slow and steady. They hadn’t taken it to the level beyond dates and some kissing at the end of the night but he longed for her. He longed for her body and her soul. He wished she would let him in.

When Jacob falls asleep tonight, he will dream. He will dream of the beautiful Sabrina. He will see her long dark hair blowing in the wind and her dark brown eyes sparkling when she looks at him. Her hourglass figure will be in a beautiful red and black dress that fits her body like a spandex glove. He will love her emotionally, spiritually and sexually.  He is always one with her in his dreams.

Sabrina will wait until she thinks Jacob is asleep and she will lay down in her bed and meditate. When Sabrina meditates, it’s as if she leaves her body and floats around to different places. It’s as if her soul is free and she can fly like a bird and visit anyone she wants. She visits Jacob every night, making his dreams wonderful and falling in love with him over and over again. If Jacob knew of this astral projection, he would run far away.  If he chooses to leave, she will not visit him anymore. How can she tell him about her special gift without him thinking that she is crazy?

Jacob fell into a deep sleep and just like every night, Sabrina came to him in his dream. He fell in love with her over and over again. She was perfect. This was perfect. Tonight, though, something was different. She seemed transparent in his dream as if she wasn’t really there. He could see her features in a blur and the sparkle in her eye, but there was no solid form that belonged to her. He told her how much he wanted to comfort her and keep her safe but she would just fade into the background when he tried to touch her. He yelled at her to tell him her secret. He pleaded with her to let him in so he could love her soul.

Sabrina had a look of shock on her face. He doesn’t know what I am but he suspects something. A tear trickled down her physical form and her transparent form started to fade. She whispered to him that if she told him her secret he would leave her. She told him that she didn’t want him to leave. She pleaded with him to stop asking so many questions and just love what they had together. She knew in her heart he would not be satisfied with that.

Jacob woke up in a cold sweat. He could still see her transparent figure fading into the darkness. He called out to her but she faded away. He heard someone sob and realized it was him. He picked up the phone and called Sabrina. He needed to hear her, to know that she was alright. He needed to feel her presence again.

Sabrina jolted out of her meditation when the phone rang. Her soul crashed back into her body and she jolted out of her bed. She picked up the phone shakily and tried to compose herself. He face was wet with tears and her body was soaked with perspiration. She said hello and heard Jacob on the other end of the line. He asked if she was sleeping and he was sorry if he woke her up. She answered as composed as she could. She told him that she was sleeping and asked if everything was OK. He told her he had this weird dream about her, that she was transparent and faded into the dark when he woke up. She became frightened. No one else had ever told her about their dreams. The others were so haunted by their dreams of her they left with their tail between their legs. Jacob was the first one to talk to her about it.

Jacob asked her if she was sleeping. She sounded drowsy as if she was just coming out of a dream. He was so confused by the dream he had of her he started discussing it with her with tangents and phrases of nonsense. He slowed down and explained he had a weird dream about her. He asked her if she dreamed of him too. She said that she was in a deep sleep and didn’t remember her dreams. He didn’t believe her. Is it possible that she created this dream? Is it possible that she was really there, in his room, her soul dreaming with him?

Sabrina stuttered when he told her he didn’t believe her. She said she didn’t know what he was talking about and it was just a dream. She could tell that he was struggling with the truth. He would hesitate with confusion and wonder. He seemed to want answers. These were answers she wouldn’t give him.

He heard her stutter and knew he was onto something. Jacob was struggling with this phenomenon and he wanted answers. He suspected she wasn’t going to give him answers easily. He needed to find out a different way to learn the truth. He needed a plan.

Finish It #11-The Guilty Mind

Blog Event Finish It – There is one short sentence, maybe a short paragraph. The start to a little story. There will be a new one every Wednesday. Your job is to write a short story.

Her hands were shaking. Her heart was racing. Enough! She had enough! He would no longer hurt her! She could feel the cold metal in her hand slowly adjust to her body’s temperature. She had her back in the corner of their bathroom, the door locked and outside of it footsteps approaching.

“This isn’t real!” she kept telling herself. But it felt real. She could hear the footsteps. She could feel the cold ground beneath her. “I WON’T LET YOU HURT ME AGAIN” she screamed! The gun in her hand was her only protection. It had become a part of her during these times of anxiety and fear. She cocked the gun and pointed it at the door. “Don’t come in here or I will KILL YOU!” Abigail’s eyes were wide open and her hands were shaking but she would shoot. She had done it before and she will do it again.

She heard a voice through the door. It was the most demonic voice she had heard and the sound was drawn out for effect. “ABIGAILLLLLLLL”  It was like a snake hissing and getting ready to strike. “It’s me, ABIGAILLLLLL. You can’t hide from me.  I will always find you.  You and I are one and that will never change.”

Abigail closed her eyes tight and put her hands over her ears so she couldn’t hear him but the voice keep getting through. “We are one, ABIGAILLLLL. You can’t hide from me.”

“LEAVE–ME–A–LONE!!!” she screamed. “I haven’t done anything to you. GO–A–WAY!! Why are you doing this to me?”

“You know why ABIGAILLLLL.  All those families and children that you killed. I will never let you forget.”

“I didn’t know.  I was following orders.  I did what they told me.  I acted responsibly.  IT WASN’T MY FAULT.”

“ABIGAILLLL…you knew. You made a choice. You chose to follow orders. All those families. All those children. Dead because of you.”

Abigail sobbed on the floor. She couldn’t take it anymore. Did she know? She was following orders like they told her. Those eyes. She can’t get away from the look in those little boy’s eyes. He was an innocent little boy but they told her to fire so she did.

“DON’T COME IN OR I WILL SHOOT!” sobbed Abigail.

“You can’t shoot me Abigail.  I am in your mind.  I am in your soul.  You will never get rid of me.”

Abigail put the gun to her head.  “YES I CAN GET RID OF YOU.  WATCH ME!!!:”

Just then, the SWAT team slammed the door open. They had their vests on in case there were shots. Abigail was on her bathroom floor with a gun to her head and she couldn’t listen to reason.  Her body shook as she sobbed.  “GET HIM AWAY FROM ME. MAKE HIM STOP. I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS. I AM SO SORRY. THAT LITTLE BOY, I DIDN’T WANT TO KILL HIM. MAKE HIM STOP TALKING TO ME!”

Abigail deployed from Iraq only 3 months ago and the PTSD had set in.  John, her husband, had been trying to tame her demons but now he knows that he cannot take care of his wife appropriately. Her children had been sent away to the grandparent’s house due to the nightmares and the voices. She needs more help than he can supply.  He called the SWAT team and the institution so they could save her.  He couldn’t stand to see her this way.  Her children couldn’t be around her. She was lost to the war.

The SWAT team managed to get the gun away from her before she could do damage to herself or anyone else. The people from the institution gave her a sedative and put her in a straight jacket. They took her to the institution where she could no longer harm herself or others.

As they took her away, John slid down the wall and covered his face as he watched his life fall apart around him. He knew this was a better place for her to go to but it seemed so unreal. He just wanted his wife back. The strong, fierce woman that he had married. The woman that wanted to save the world and he couldn’t even save her.  His children needed their mother and he couldn’t tame her demons. John sobbed until he could sob no more.

Every week, John and the children went to visit Abigail in the hospital.  She was almost always sedated when they were there.  At least when she was sedated, she recognized them.  They brought her flowers and hugged her. She tried to hug them back, but due to the sedative it wasn’t much. Abigail would whisper that she loved them and she would weep.  She was missing their lives and her life. John prayed that Abigail would return to him one day. Until Abigail could forgive herself and let go of her guilty mind and the demons that ran it, John and the children would have to make it on their own.