I am newly single (about a month). I decided about 2 weeks ago to go on a dating site and ended up signing up for 3 of them. I am a little obsessive. I still look at other sites but have to remind myself that I don’t need any new connections or to spend any more money.

What I have learned:

  1. I really like to flirt and banter.
  2. I am not looking for anything serious at this point.
  3. It helped to set up a separate e-mail account so I can converse with some of the guys offline but not in the realm of all of my personal stuff
  4. I enjoy intelligent and fun conversations.
  5. People will try to take advantage if they can. I have had to remove three people off of my list. There are a lot of men with time to waste on trying to hurt others.
  6. I am blessed with great friends and family.
  7. I am a nurturer and I find that I cater to those who are needy…which is why I got out of my last relationship.  Thank goodness they are only on e-mail.
  8. Guys are scared to ask someone out. I have had to make the first move almost every time.
  9. I hope maybe I will find someone, someday that will fill my expectations. Now is not that day.

    10. There are a lot of lonely men out there.


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