Educational Thoughts

I am not a political person. I don’t know a lot about politics. I don’t know a lot about current events. I do not know a lot about a lot of things.

What I do know is that our education system, especially in Southern Nevada, is getting worse and worse. My older son and nieces went to a Montessori school and it was the best education they received. It also cost a minimum of $13K a year per child.

Why do we have to pay such outrageous amount to get a good education for our children (for those that are privileged enough to have the money or have someone who will spend the money)? Why does the curriculum of the schools have to be so regimented that the kids are either bored out of their minds or completely stumped?

We are auditory, visual and kinesthetic. We all learn differently. I am kinesthetic and visual so it is best for me to learn by doing and seeing. Auditory is listening. Most of the classrooms are lectures, auditory. I fall asleep and I am sure there are kids that do the same. Why can’t we keep it interesting for them to learn? Let me hear it, see it and do it (in some cases).

I get very frustrated watching the children in my life struggle when they shouldn’t have to struggle. I am very good at what I do but only because I figured out how to learn. I didn’t do well in school but once I was out in the world, I was a lot smarter than I thought I was because school made me feel dumb.

It’s time to change the system. Look at what other countries are doing to teach the children. Look at the educators and teach them how to instruct differently. Get rid of the negative and add in the positive. Our future awaits. What kind of future should our kids have? What will their strengths be? Will they graduate? Will they go to college? Will they be too frustrated to continue to learn and grow?

It’s time to speak up, speak out and protect our future.


One thought on “Educational Thoughts

  1. Very interesting post. As a former teacher (Secondary age 11-18) in the UK, I can’t comment on your system in the US. But I’ve taught in several schools here that spend hours planning schemes of work to include all the different learning strategies you mentioned. Even in Geography and History, we had students presenting information as videos, drama, newsparer reports, posters, diary entries and so many other things. We tried to keep things alive and vibrant so boredom didn’t set in. It’s hard enough to keep teenagers interested, but in most cases our lessons were successful. 🙂

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