Friday Fictioneers – Art Eats Art

“NOOOOO! I just starting building that. Why did you build a reptile in the backyard? He keeps eating all my art!”

“Either your arts sucks or it’s just very tasty. I can’t help what my reptile eats. Maybe you should build something further away where he can’t reach it.”

“That’s not fair! Why do you get all the space in the yard for come-alive reptile art and my stuff keeps getting eaten? MOM! I want my own yard. Your son’s reptile keeps eating my art!”

“You’re such a baby. Just build someplace else.”

“Your reptile finds everything I build and eats it. My stuff doesn’t even get to come alive. MOM! I want a place where my art isn’t eaten!!!”

“Now both of you better share this yard. Boy, it is not OK for your art to eat your sister’s art. Control your creations. Girl, stop your whining and get along.”

“Yes Mom.” “Yes Mom.’

“One day I’m going to build my own art and these kid’s won’t get any of the yard. Geez!”


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