Vocabhallow – Time to start over and make it work

On October 18, 2010, I self-published a book called Vocabhallow. It uses SAT Words to tell a story, it has pictures that I painted and a glossary in the back to define the part of speech and meaning of each word. It was a great accomplishment. I wrote another story with different words but never got around to doing much with it because I found out I was pregnant and I stopped writing.

Vocabhallow Cover


I think back to this writing adventure and I remember how excited I was to write and illustrate. The lead character is a fairy named Lucy. Her best friend is a dragon named Theodore. They have adventures. I really like the story.

Here are my critiques:

  1. I should never have done the illustrations in oils, mostly because it took me so long. I don’t think it fits with a book as well as some nice sketches with a little color would do.
  2. I didn’t know my demographic. Kids learning SAT words are in late elementary, middle school and high school. I prepared it as a children’s book. I think young kids would like the pictures but the words would be too big. Older kids would like the pictures but look at them as if it was a baby book. I should have made it into a nice middle of the road book.
  3. The glossary in the back is not organized. I didn’t have an editor. I just wanted to publish a book. I think I sold four of them.
  4. It is difficult to promote. I don’t have the money I had before.

Here is what I liked:

  1. I accomplished my goal. I did something that many people aren’t able to do. I had a lot of fun.
  2. I think it would be a great learning guide for studying vocabulary words. It would give the children pictures and scenarios to reference to when the word comes up. It’s better than trying to memorize a list.
  3. I love vocabulary words and I love that I was able to write the story around the words.
  4. I believe that it can be used as part of the curriculum in some schools if I can complete 40 of them for 40 weeks of school (This has always been part of my goal. I can see it happening).
  5. I can redo the pictures, fix the glossary and submit the book to publishers. It may work out, it may not, but it definitely won’t if I don’t do it.

My decision has been made. I am going to revamp my book and write more stories and illustrations with my multi-colored pigtail fairy and her humongous green dragon friend. 

Wish me Luck!


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