Sleep Talking

I was getting ready for work the other day and my son was sleeping. All of the sudden, he says “I don’t like bandaids, right mama, right?”

I looked at him and he was still asleep. I told him that he does like bandaids. He went back to sleep.

No doubt he is my child.

I once dug under my (then) husband’s pillow and when he asked me what I was doing I told him vehemently “I’m digging for treasure.” Like Duh, what else would I be doing?

I’ve woke up laughing, crying, angry, turned on, and probably any other emotion you can think of due to my dreams. I get frustrated when I can’t remember the dream. Especially the good ones.

I do remember last night that a girl was hitting on me and I saw a guy that I miss terribly and he ignored me.

Maybe it was the “Jamaican Me Happy” drink I had last night. I could just be crazy.

Sketchbook Sleepless2


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