Weekly Photo Challenge-Enveloped

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Enveloped.”

When I hear enveloped, I think of being in a great embrace. I can show it better in pictures than say it in words.

There is a lot of love and enveloping with my family and friends.


IMAG1477  IMAG0338  06-25-2012 Phone 00906-04-2012 Phone 051  Self Portraits 025  Copy of 06-04-2012 Phone 042  Willy & Me Dec 2009  IMAG0745  20140730_134804  8-28-2012 004  06-04-2012 Phone 038  06-04-2012 Phone 024  1313  018  Myah and William  Leanna William and Anna  Laguna Beach 13  Athary & Serena LV 2008 3  06-04-2012 Phone 079

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