Finish it #12-Rule Breaking

She looked stunning. Her long, mahogany hair was softly running along the sides of her face, framing it, making her features stand out. Her skin seemed flawless, her lips soft. He wanted her. Here and now. But he knew he had to wait. It was not the time nor the place. He could tell that she longed for him too. He could see it in her eyes. If only… Why was it so complicated?

He frequented The Dragon’s Lair often. He came here just to see her. Candi is what she called herself. He wanted to know her real name. He watched her from afar from top to bottom. The mahogany hair that curled down her face, her emerald-green eyes, her perfect olive colored flawless skin and those kissable lips. Her shape was like an hourglass, perfectly proportioned and her legs were muscular and capable of so many things. He fantasized about her long fingers and perfectly manicured nails scratching down his skin in passion. He wanted her badly and he could feel the heat between them every time he looked at her.

He would visit the establishment, drink a little and wait until they could be alone. He loved to watch her work but he loved it more when they could have a rendezvous and she was all his. It could be 5 minutes, 3 hours or forever. He treasured every moment with this beauty. The passion they shared boiled his blood. He felt like he would die of the heat stroke when she was near. He wanted every part of her. She belonged to him.

There he was again. She saw the passion in his eyes. He visited her every night. He treated her nice and always made her feel special. She knew he watched her as she worked. Every night, they would have time alone together, he made sure of that. He was a good looking guy. He had sandy brown hair, bright blue eyes and a killer smile. He was charming and possessive. She liked him but he scared her a little. She tried to keep him happy. Sometimes she felt like he was making love to her with his eyes.

It was time for them to be alone. His temperature boiled with anticipation of being with this exciting creature. She prepped herself because he always treated her well. It was time to go down to the lair.

She entered the room knowing he would be waiting. He was sitting in the chair and waiting with anticipation. She walked across the room as sexy as possible biting on her finger and asking him what he wanted. He told her that she knew what he wanted. Her body shivered for a second then she reminded him of the rules. No touching her, only she could touch him.

She started moving and began his nightly lap dance. He always reacted positively to her dances. He never paid any of the other dancers to dance for him, only her. This was her job but it was his fantasy. He pictured himself possessing her every day and night. She thought about what to do after she was done working. Would she go out with the girls? Take a lover? Go home to her cat and read a book in her apartment? She tried to be in the moment but he always looked at her so strange as if he could gobble her up.

He would mumble under his breath about her beauty. He would look at her neck and think about how it would taste to kiss her and feel her pulse under his tongue. He knew the rules but sometimes she let him break them, even if just for a moment. He really wanted to break the rules right now. He wanted every inch of her body, right here, right now.

She saw the flash in his eyes and she knew he wanted to break the rules. She could see the burning in his eyes and his hands flinched trying to hold himself back from touching her. His desire was obvious. Her desire was to keep her job. He paid for a 45 minute dance and she was only about 15 minutes into it. Is she going to make it through the next half hour with his eyes burning into her skin?

He could feel his pulse rising and his body heating up. Would she break the rules for him tonight? She still had time left to dance and either he could make her break the rules and possibly get kicked out or he could enjoy the time he had left. What would he decide? Was there any way he could have both? He decided to close his eyes and calm himself down before he did something he might regret.

She saw his eyes burn bright and then he closed them. When he closed his eyes, it usually meant that he was calming down and taking control. She kept dancing and hoping for him to relax. She tried not to talk to him or touch him to wind him up again. The passion and burning in his eyes scared her and that was the only time he seemed to lose control at all. She wished she knew how to handle him. Her body got so hot when he was close and he smelled so good but she needed this job. She was only a fantasy to him, nothing more. She couldn’t get close, EVER.

When his eyes opened, they were so blue but the flash was dulled and he was back in control. He waved her closer to him and she obeyed. He asked her to continue her dance. He whispered to her how beautiful she was and how he wanted every inch of her, Forever.

These things had been said to her before but why did it feel so different when he said it to her? The conviction in his voice was creepy and scary and extremely possessive. Forever? She usually didn’t talk back to her customers but “Forever?”

She told him that she can only dance for him and that forever is a mighty long time. She is only a fantasy and he would go back to the real world after this was over. She appreciated his generosity and kind words but this is all there is for them. She danced, that’s it. There was nothing more. She said this with her back to him because she was scared to look into his eyes. She didn’t know what she would see. She did look at his reflection in the mirror.

His eyes fired up with smugness and then he looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked frightened. He liked it that she was a little frightened of him. She scared the hell out of him. They had a connection. He wanted her to be part of his world.

The 45 minutes were up and the dance was over. He didn’t want her to stop. He just sat there and watched her and listened to the music. He tried to say something but the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. What was it about this girl that was so intriguing to him? He finally found his words and asked her if she would like to go to dinner sometime.

That was definitely not what she was expecting. He had visited her every night for 2 weeks and never asked her for anything more than a lap dance. A date? She was an exotic dancer, doesn’t he know how many customers ask her out on a date? It is against the rules to date any customers. It was against her moral rules. And hell, he scared her.

She graciously thanked him for the offer but told him that she didn’t think it was a good idea. She wasn’t allowed to date customers. He looked deep into her green eyes and told her that if that was the case, he would no longer be her customer as long as she will go out on a date with him. His blue eyes burned a hole into her soul. It was her that lost her words this time. She was melting into an abyss and wasn’t sure how to not stay in it.

It was then that he passionately kissed her. It had been so long overdue for him. She had drowned into those blue eyes just a second too long and he thought she had invited him in. Hell, maybe she did. When he kissed her so passionately her legs went weak and her heart started beating as if it was going to burst out of her chest. He body shook with passion and she lost control. It was nothing more than a kiss, but it was one hell of a kiss.

He backed out of the embrace slowly and asked her to reconsider his offer of dinner. All she could do was stare at him as he walked out the door. She nodded her head slightly as if to say yes and had this confused look on her face. He looked back at her for a moment and went on his way. It was then that she no longer felt hypnotized. OH NO, what had she done? She was going to lose her job. She couldn’t go on a date with him. She felt tingly all over. What is she going to do? She is going to compose herself and go back to her job and deal with this later. If she can.

He walked out of there arrogantly and smug. He kissed her and fireworks went off in his head. He was right about her. They were meant to be together. He could feel it all the way down to his bones and all other parts of his body. She could feel it too. When he broke the kiss, she was longing for him. He could see the glazed over look in her emerald eyes. He took her by surprise and he was pretty surprised at his boldness. He got to put his hands through those mahogany curls as he touched those luscious lips and pulled her hourglass figure up against his. She smelled like flowers blooming in the hot sun. He only had a taste of her and he knew that he didn’t want anyone else. He wanted to taste her lips again. He has pursued her for weeks. He will take a break from the establishment for a while to show her that he could be a non-customer.

As she came to her senses, she rushed out of the lap dance room and went to the back room for her next assignment. She didn’t want another assignment. She wanted him. His blue eyes burned through her and his kiss intoxicated her. How could one person reveal so much with one kiss? How could two people have so much passion without really knowing each other? She needed to forget him. She needed to get him out of her mind. She needed to kiss him again.

It had been a week since he kissed her and he hasn’t been back to The Dragon’s Lair. She was all he could think about. He didn’t visit her all week at the establishment but he dreamed about her every night. They did a lot more than kiss and his body reacted every morning to his longing for her. It was time for him to see her again. It was time for the next step.

It had been a week since the kiss. He hasn’t come by in 7 whole days and she was started to tell herself that it was nothing and unimportant. Did he change his mind? Maybe he was just playing with her. A lot of the guys that come here do that. Well, if he ever shows up again, she will ignore him and pretend he doesn’t exist, unless he buys a lap dance. Then they will be alone together. She will keep a hands off policy.

He walked in dressed in a blue dress shirt and jeans. His sandy blond hair was perfectly tamed and his shirt made his eyes even bluer than usual. He felt good and he looked good. It was time to claim his prize. She was on the stage in a red two piece g-string and bikini top and her mahogany hair was falling around her face. When she looked up, her green eyes caught his.

As she was dancing on the stage, she felt him come into the room. She tried not to glance in his direction but he made it very difficult. His blue eyes stared right at her and when she looked at him she became mesmerized. She was confused by him and it made her angry. It is best not to show anger. She decided instead of being mean, she would act like nothing happened. She kept dancing and when she finished her set, she went into the back room. Her heart was pounding and she was out of breath and flushed. How can he do this to her with just a glance? Then one of the manager’s came in and told her she had a special request for a lap dance. She took a deep breath and put on her “I don’t care” face and swallowed her pride.

After her set was done, he watched her walk backstage. He went up to the manager and asked for his lap dance. His heart was pounding and his blood was boiling. He couldn’t wait to see her, smell her and maybe even taste her again.

She walked in the room with a smile and a look of confidence. He was sitting in his seat as he always did. She tried to ignore how beautiful he looked in that chair and how blue his eyes reflected off of the shirt he was wearing. She waited for the music to start playing, Maroon 5’s “Hands All Over.” “Put your hands, all over, put your hands all over me” is the way the song starts. The irony wasn’t lost on either of them.

He sat in the chair just watching her dance. She seemed to have an extra special swing in her step. When he would reach up, she would wag her finger back and forth at him and remind him of the rules. The rules? After that kiss a week ago? Rules? What game was she playing?

His eyes burned into her skin as he watched her dance. She was swinging her hips sexier than usual and when he would reach up to her, she would remind him of the rules. Did she ever want to break them right now! He needed a little reminder that she hadn’t seen him in a week after that passionate embrace and he wasn’t getting off that easy.

As she turned her back to him and wagged her bottom, he stood up and held her close. She was surprised but he was able to hold her very tight and whispered in her ear that he wanted to know her real name. He wanted to know her. He wanted her. He felt her body tense up with anticipation and fear. The feeling was electric.

She turned around to tease him and the next thing she knew, he was holding her. The feel of his arms was like electricity on her skin. He started whispering to her so close to her ear that she could feel his hot breath and it was making her body shiver uncontrollably. Then he told her he wanted her name. She tensed up. No one knew her real name, especially not a customer. She didn’t say anything. She just stayed there in his arms. That is where she wanted to be.

He turned her around and his face was so close to her face that she could smell a minty smell from his breath. It was intoxicating. She found her words and told him he could call her Candi. He grabbed her tighter and held her even closer until their lips were almost touching. He wanted her real name. She melted in his arms and then told him no, she wouldn’t reveal her name. That is when he kissed her again. She didn’t know it could be even more passionate than the first time but this time she didn’t know if she could even stand up afterwards. She was falling hard and fast but there is no such thing as love at first sight. This was just a case of lust. A LOT OF LUST.

He wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He demanded she have dinner with him tonight after her shift. He didn’t care how late. He told her he would have a car waiting for her and he would have her brought to dine with him. Then he walked out and left her just standing there, shocked, confused and wanting.

A car waiting? Who is this guy? Why should she trust him? She didn’t even know his name and he wasn’t going to know hers. The electricity in the air was sparking and even though she wanted to decline, there was something in his eyes that told her he didn’t take no for an answer. One dinner can’t hurt and she would be hungry. Really, she didn’t have anything better to do and she really wanted to see him again.

She was filled with anticipation for when her shift was over. She was scared. She was excited. Her belly was doing flip flops. It was almost time to go and she got her stuff together and put on her regular clothes. What if he is just playing a game? Who sends a car? Why me?

As she walked out the door, she looked around for a car. What she saw was a limo with someone holding up the name Candi. WTF? She walked up to the driver and said “Who is this guy?” The driver smiled and opened the door and there he sat, with a rose, a bottle of wine and a smile. Oh Boy!


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