FFAW week of 5/13/15 The Duck Roast


“So we are walking towards the water and all I can think is ‘I got all my ducks in a row’.” laughs Harold. “What’s the matter Katie, did you want to put some ‘Duck Tape’ over my mouth?”

“This is no Duck Dynasty Harold. Your stupid jokes are easy to let go of, like water off a duck’s feathers.” Katie says annoyed as she walks away.

“Katie, I think I see David in the water over there splashing. Don’t be a sitting duck and take like a duck to water.” laughs Gerald.

“Hey Gerald, not all ugly ducklings turn into swans. Look at you!” Katie sarcastically retorted “Just because you all act calm doesn’t mean you aren’t paddling hard under the water.”

“Katie, don’t be like this. Come to the water with us.” Sara said quietly.

Katie walked off to the woods to find her own place to be away from the Duck Roast.


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