Picture prompt #9-The Demon Inside


As the boy reads to the elephant, the wise elephant listens closely to the words. The boy looks at the elephant and asks him “What do the words mean?” With a very serious look on his face, the elephant tells the boy, “The book you are reading is the meaning of life. It is about love and pain, affirmations and pessimism, learning and growing from your mistakes and living life to its fullest. An elephant never forgets and hearing this from an elephant, you will never forget either. Make your life worth something.” The boy asks, “What if I lose my way?” The elephant replies, “Fight the demon and win.”


The girl doesn’t know about her demon. She never met the elephant. She didn’t get the guidance that the boy received. Everywhere she goes, the demon is inside of her, reflecting itself in her shadow. She doesn’t understand why everything bad happens to her. She has made herself look appealing to others but the demon within halts any relationships she has tried to make. Her beauty on the outside is no match for the demon inside. She doesn’t know that in order to be beautiful, you have to fight the demon and win. Real beauty is deep inside the soul.


As the sun sets, he contemplates his life with the people. It has been a good run with these ones but they are splitting apart and fighting over who gets him. In another life, he met the elephant and learned about fighting the demon. He cannot communicate in the traditional way with his owners. He wants to teach them how to fight the demon within but he needs to figure out a way to communicate with them. He will sit here looking out onto the horizon and watch the sun set and hope he can find a way to teach them to love instead of hate.


Time is running out. The boy has learned about life from the elephant. It is destiny to have the boy cross paths with the girl who doesn’t know how to fight her demons so he can teach her. When the girl learns how to fight her demons, she can cross paths with the people and the dog. Everyone has a gift to share. Before time runs out, find out how to fight the demons and live life to its fullest.

The wise elephant will teach those who can teach others. Learn from each other. Love each other. Respect each other. Live life and enjoy who you are. Don’t let the demons control you.

Fight your demons and win.


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