Painting on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Flowers

Today I got to teach one of my painting classes with The painting above is the one I finished. We do these paintings in 2 hours.

When I was doing it, I thought it was muddy and messy and I really didn’t like it. Now I love it.

Looking at it from a phone picture, from afar and from a different perspective makes me appreciate it more. I hope you like it too.

For Father’s Day, I am going to put together a special painting. I put this one together for a female friend of mine.


I think for the men, I will make a beer bottle or two that spill into a mug that is frothy at the top. I have some ideas. They want to use my paintings for the classes. Sometimes I would love to do painting full time but accounting pays better.  I really love being an accountant and I am working towards my CPA. In a year, I would like to take the time to start studying for the CPA Exam and I already have the experience. I won’t stop painting and writing. I love to do both. Maybe one day I will be able to incorporate all three together. Until then, I will keep myself busy doing it all.

If you would like to see more of my art, please check out my gallery at


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