Finish It #7-Life in Sauderville Part II

His hands were trembling. He wasn’t sure what to do. He wasn’t sure what to think. All he knew was it was now or never. From the look on her face, it will probably be never. He knew she was upset and angry with him. She had every right to be. She had hurt him more than he will ever tell her. His life here has been great and now she stands in the doorway, pale and scared and he could just stand there and stare at her.

“John” was all she said and then she fainted. He ran over to her and lifted her up in his arms. He carried her into the back room and laid her down on a cot. Then he grabbed the phone and called the sheriff. He talked to Sheriff Walker in hushed tones. He explained that Julie was here and she fainted. She looked scared and he wasn’t sure what exactly was going on.

Julie started to awaken and she heard John talking on the phone very quietly. She heard her name and that she had fainted. She bolted up on the cot with her eyes wide and terrified. John heard the rustle and turned around. Julie was sitting upright and she looked like she’d seen a devil. His face reflected the fear in hers and he hung up the phone and went over to her.

With arrogance and sarcasm, he asked her if seeing him was that frightening that she would faint. She narrowed her eyes and glared at him. She didn’t have anything to say. She only asked when the Sheriff would arrive. John told her that he would be there soon. Then they sat in an awkward silence until he got up, went back into the lobby, sat back in his chair, and pretended to work. He didn’t doze off this time.

Julie had never fainted before and was shocked and disgusted with herself for her reaction. Between the body in the house and seeing John, it must have overwhelmed her. She hoped the Sheriff would arrive soon so he could send out some of his deputies to the house. She was still frightened about what she thought she saw.

Sheriff Walker came to the station within 5-10 minutes. He acknowledged his deputy and went back to the room where Julie was sitting. When he saw her, he knew something was terribly wrong. Julie’s long brown hair was matted to her face, her makeup was smudged and she was as pale as a ghost. The Sheriff asked her what had frightened her.

Julie told him that she was checking up on the house and that she saw a lifeless body laying on a mattress. She didn’t know who it was or what it was and it scared her. She didn’t tell him about the whisper. She already sounded crazy and erratic, she didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

The Sheriff asked John to come in and told him to get Deputy Earl Warble and go take a look at the house. Normally, he wouldn’t have put much thought into this woman’s behavior except for the look in her eyes and the fear she was emitting from her whole being. Something was definitely wrong and he didn’t want to screw this up, especially with the history of her family’s deaths.

John called Earl and they left to go check out the Greenfield House. Earl kept saying it was probably a squatter and since it was dark, she couldn’t see it was just a person sleeping. John just nodded his head but his thoughts were on Julie. Julie was not one to scare easily. Earl didn’t see the look on her face when she jogged into the station. Earl didn’t see the urgency in her eyes when she sat up straight after she fainted. Earl didn’t know the emotions and was speculating. The shock of seeing her after all this time has his belly twisted in knots and his mind moving a mile a minute. Regardless of the situation, he had forgotten how beautiful she is and he found himself missing her.

After they parked and approached the house, they brought out their flashlights and guns. The old house looked creepy at night and John wondered if there was such a thing as ghosts because if there was, this house would have them. He became nostalgic with memories of happy times with Julie and her family. He missed them too.

Earl and John slowly entered the house and yelled out to anyone who may be there that they were the police. There was no reply. They cleared each room downstairs until they decided to climb the stairs to the room that Julie said she saw a body. They approached the room slowly and with great precaution. The door was closed, which was unusual since Julie said she backed out and ran. She wouldn’t have taken the time to close the door.

They creaked the door open and shined the flashlights into the room. They scanned the area and the mattress. There was something on the mattress but it was not a body. There was an old Minnie Mouse doll about 2 feet tall underneath a blanket. John remembered this doll from when he and Julie were together. To him she was all woman, but that Minnie Mouse doll was important to her and reminded him of her playful childlike demeanor. That Minnie was a symbol of hope for Julie of travel and adventure. She wanted to go to Disney World or Disneyland. It was part of her dream.

Earl guffawed and said that it was typical of a girl to get scared of a mouse. John just grimaced. He grabbed Minnie Mouse and they departed the house. As they walked out on the front lawn, John felt a presence and turned and looked up to the second story window where he saw a shadow. He figured he must be getting exhausted with everything that happened in the last couple hours. He was getting paranoid. That wasn’t like him. It must be the surprise of seeing Julie again.

They arrived back at the station and showed Julie and the Sheriff what they found. Julie swore that is not what she saw. She would have recognized it. It was bigger, in the fetal position and very, very dark. The Sheriff could see she was still scared but there really wasn’t anything else he could do at this point. He asked where she was staying and offered to have John take her home. Both Julie and John’s jaws dropped at the thought of them being alone in the same car together. The Sheriff wouldn’t take no for an answer and they left in the squad car on the way to the only hotel in town, The Sauderville Inn.  They had been there before together years before. They had their first intimate relations there on prom night.

The car ride was silent. It was only 10 minutes to the Inn but it felt like forever. He parked the car in the lot by her room and she got out of the car. He got out too and she told him to go home and let her be. She took Minnie to her room and shut the door. He frowned and then got agitated. She was the one who left town. Did she expect him to follow her? This was his home. He was made a good home here, why is she intruding on his life now? Didn’t she look beautiful? No, No stop thinking that he told himself. It was over. It was done. She is no longer a part of his life. He sighed loudly and drove back to the station.

As he headed back to the station, he had so many thoughts running through his mind that he wasn’t paying attention to the road. All of the sudden in front of him, he saw a little boy. Not just any little boy either. It was Terrance. He would know those blue eyes anywhere. He swerved the car and drove into a ditch. When he looked out his window, Terrance was looking in at him, reaching for him. The window was closed but he had a scary grin and looked evil. This was not at all what Terrance was like. All of the sudden, his face changed and Terrance was there pleading with John to help her and his hand went through the window and grabbed him. Help who? Then Terrance changed back into the evil child. John closed his eyes tight and screamed as loud as he could. When he opened his eyes, Terrance was gone.

John pulled out his gun and flashlight and got out of the car. He swung his arms around clumsily while looking for a ghost. There was no one there but him. He didn’t know what was going on but he thought that Julie might be in trouble. He was able to back the car out of the ditch and drive back to the Inn.

Julie walked into her room and let out a big sigh and sat down on the bed and began to sob. It was all too much for her. The figure in the room, seeing John again, missing her family and the terror she still felt. She held Minnie and sobbed until she couldn’t sob anymore. She didn’t know what to do next and she was very scared. As she sat there, she felt a cool breeze go by her and it felt as if there were a hand on her shoulder. She looked at her shoulder and there was an impression of a hand. Her family was here. As much as she felt peace that they were with her, she was scared and froze on the edge of the bed. Then there was a loud knock on the door and the hand went away.

John was knocking on her door vehemently. He was scared and didn’t want to see the evil Terrance again. Julie came to the door with her eyes red and puffy. She opened the door and he grabbed her and pushed her inside. She screamed and asked him what the hell he was doing. He grabbed her again but this time closed his arms around her and held her. At first she tried to resist, but eventually just collapsed into his arms. They stayed like that for a few minutes.

Julie was taken back to his smell and he presence. How she loved the way he felt. John smelled her hair and remembered the familiarity of being with her. What happened to them?

Julie finally pushed away and asked him what he was doing. He told her she would think he was crazy but he thought she was in trouble. Julie didn’t understand what he was talking about. On John’s arm was a mark. It was a hand print. Julie asked him what happened and he just broke down and told her about his experience. She kept saying it couldn’t be Terrance, it couldn’t be Terrance, but she was afraid that it was and not a good version of him. She punched at John and swore at him but once again collapsed into his arms. He held her tight and told her that he would protect her. How on earth would he protect her, he couldn’t protect himself?

John called Sheriff Walker and told him that he was with Julie and they had a bad experience and asked if he could come to the Inn. He explained that they were alright for now but they needed his help. The Sheriff was on his way over.

Once the Sheriff arrived, they let him into the room and explained about the house and what John saw in the car. John looked at the Sheriff and pleaded as he told him that he wouldn’t lie about something like this. The Sheriff knew John and wanted to believe him but his story was outrageous. Something was definitely going on and it was so much more than he could handle.

The Sheriff told John and Julie to get some sleep as it was almost dawn and they would do some research later in the day. They needed to understand the history of this town. There was something hidden in the archives that someone wasn’t explaining and they would find out. Neither John nor Julie could sleep, so they all went over to the library together to gather information.

Sheriff Walker had to wake up the head librarian, Sonya Lippert, and ask her for the keys to the building. As the building was her responsibility, she demanded that she go with them and watch over her precious books. The Sheriff thought she may be of some help considering she knew that library inside and out.

The four of them drove over to the library and Sonya asked them on the way there what they were looking for. They explained they needed to know the history of the town. Sonya looked surprised for a moment and said that no one had asked for the archives before. She would lead them directly to the books.

There was a dark and dusty room hidden in the back of the library. No one visits it often, so they had to wipe down some counters and move some cobwebs. Then they started looking at the history of their town. There was a lot more there than they anticipated. One book in particular stood out. It was a diary of some sort written in the 1800’s. It told of things that weren’t possible. It talked about the past, present and future. It looked like it had some spells written in it. They needed an expert to read these words. They had to take a trip to the university that was 30 miles away.

They called Paul Schroeder, the history expert. They planned a meeting with him and met with him within the hour. He was intrigued to see what they found. They were frightened to find out what was really going on. Paul started reading the book and his eyes opened wide as he realized what this was, it was a demon summoning. They asked him what was wrong and he explained that they had a big problem on their hands. The writer of the diary was summoning demons to the Town of Sauderville. Families had been killed and destroyed over the years. A mother, a father and a son always died and the daughter always lived. It was always a family of four every 5-10 years. They needed to know the origin of the diary.

Paul called in some of his expert friends and they got to work. In the meantime, the Sheriff, John and Julie drove back to Sauderville to see what else they could find. They went back to the library.

After going through several books and newspaper articles, they found what they were looking for. Lisette Pagget was a girl in her late teens. She had a mom, Harriet, dad, James and younger brother, Theodore. Lisette was a girl in love. She had met Peter at school and they were madly in love. Her father forbid their marriage as he was only a peasant and he had higher hopes for whom his daughter would marry. Harriet tried to console Lisette, but told her that what her father says goes and that is just the way it is. She had to marry Eugene, a proper gentleman. Lisette wanted to marry for love, not stature. She was not allowed to make her own choices. She would be sent away from Peter and would be expected to marry Eugene.

Lisette became very angry. Her brother would get to make a choice of who he would marry because he was a boy. Her mother wouldn’t stand up to her father. Her father would not let her marry the man she loved. Lisette was heartbroken and depressed.

She was walking by a boutique one day and she saw something inside that fascinated her. It was a gold necklace with a funny looking symbol on it. She had to look at it and find out what it was. The lady who ran the store told her that she received that as a donation to sell. She also thought it was beautiful and asked Lisette if she would like to try it on. Lisette was happy for the first time in days and she put on the necklace. With the necklace came great power, but Lisette didn’t know this. She asked how much it was and without knowing it, her eyes turned a devilish color and the lady told her she could have it. Lisette was puzzled but she loved her necklace and told the lady she would pay her back for it.

Lisette never parted with the necklace but she didn’t know how much power it actually had. The necklace made her write things. Things she didn’t understand. Words that didn’t make any sense. What she thought was just gibberish was the summoning of a demon trapped within the necklace. As she said the words out loud, the demon was released from his tomb.

The demon quickly entered Lisette’s body and took over. The first thing it did was claim Lisette’s soul and then it went after others. Since Lisette was angry with her family, it claimed Harriet, James and Theodore’s souls in a horrible slaying of the whole family. Lisette was holding the knife when the police arrived after the neighbors heard the screams. They restrained Lisette as she sobbed on the ground and screamed that she didn’t do it, the devil did it. She went into an institution until her dying day. The demon still runs free and kills souls in Sauderville by entering the soul of the daughter. It has grown smart over the years and makes it appear as if the daughter has left town so it can stay there until its next set of souls to take.

That is when everyone looked at Julie and her eyes turned red. Lisette’s voice and Julie’s voice screamed at the same time to tell them to run. The Sheriff, John and Sonya started to run but Julie’s soul was already gone and their souls would be taken too. Until someone could figure out how to put the demon back in the necklace, it settled in the town and inhabited a simple doll until it could inhabit a girl in love to steal souls. John and Julie would be together forever, in the kingdom of fire and the demon would live on in the town of Sauderville, waiting for its next prey.


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