OWFC – Storm – The Prince’s Wish

I know this is a photo challenge but it didn’t get stormy here today so I downloaded this picture from the internet and found this story I had written and I thought it appropriate for the word “Storm”.

Storm the Castle

There was once a prince, and he wanted a princess, but then she must be a real Princess. He traveled around the world to find one, but there was always something wrong. There were plenty of princesses, but whether they were real princesses he had great difficulty in discovering; there was always something which was not quite right about them. At last he had come home again, and he was very sad because he wanted a real princess so badly.

The definition of a princess is a daughter of nobility, a king or queen. The other definition of a real princess is a spoiled brat that hasn’t worked a day in her life. One that is sheltered to the world outside and everything revolves around her needs. 

One evening there was a terrible storm; it thundered and lightning was striking. The rain poured down in torrents; indeed it was a fearful night.

Oh yes, a storm was coming for sure. It was arriving any minute – does anyone else wonder why hurricanes are named after women?

In the middle of the storm, somebody knocked at the town gate, and the old King himself opened it.

It was a princess who stood outside, but she was in a terrible state from the rain and the storm. The water streamed out of her hair and her clothes; it ran in at the top of her shoes and out at the heel, but she said that she was a real princess.

First of all, a real princess would not have been out in the rain by herself.  Unless she was so annoying that whoever she was with had dumped her and left her on her own.  A real princess can be very annoying.  However, here was this “real” princess soaked to the bone.  The storm has arrived.

‘Well we shall soon see if that is true,’ thought the old Queen, but she said nothing. She went into the bedroom, took all the bed clothes off and laid a pea on the bedstead: then she took twenty mattresses and piled them on top of the pea, and then twenty feather beds on top of the mattresses. This was where the princess was to sleep that night. In the morning they asked her how she slept.

Another mother protecting her narcissistic son.  What a momma’s boy!  Let’s test the princess and see if we can make her as uncomfortable as possible. They want a real princess…I expect after a bad night’s sleep on that pea, this princess is going to take it up a notch.

‘Oh terribly bad!’ said the princess. ‘I have hardly closed my eyes the whole night! Heaven knows what was in the bed. I seemed to be lying upon some hard thing, and my whole body is black and blue this morning. It is terrible!’

So they are gullible enough to think it was a pea that made her uncomfortable?  This sneaky spoiled brat knew all about the pea.  There was no way she was going to climb 20 mattresses and 20 feather beds to sleep.  There was a very comfortable couch in the room and all she needed was a blanket.  She started thinking about the pea that was supposed to make her so uncomfortable and decided she wanted a snack.  She went down to the kitchen and low and behold, the prince wanted a snack too.  So they flirted and she played hard to get but this princess knew how to play the game.  After asking the prince up to her room of mattresses, they had a wonderful night together on the couch.  Now we know why she is really black and blue.

They saw at once that she must be a real princess when she had felt the pea through twenty mattresses and twenty feather beds. Nobody but a real princess could have such a delicate skin.

So the prince took her to be his wife, for now he was sure that he had found a real princess, and the pea was put into the Museum, where it may still be seen if no one has stolen it.

A princess for a wife…that is what he wanted. Now it’s, “I want to go shopping” “I want to rearrange the house” Why don’t you stick up for me to your mother?” “I have a headache” “No I don’t want to go to that stupid museum.” “Can’t you do anything, right?”

Be Careful What you Wish For – you may get it.


9 thoughts on “OWFC – Storm – The Prince’s Wish

  1. I am so laughing at this story.. Never ever had a thought like this occurred to me when I read the story of ‘The Princess and the Pea’ as we always dreamed this as a fairy tale.. But after reading your take, I am willing to agree with your side of the story !!! 😀 😀 I laugh at my gullibility and imagine the story as a moving picture and I laugh some more 😀 Thank you very much 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. While technically a photo challenge, you are more than welcome to contribute anything and everything you’d like – stories, drawings, paintings, songs, etc. etc. Love your creativity in creating a new version of the Princess and the Pea here. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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