Mondays Finish the Story – Dolly Dolly

“After losing her head, she realized that the rest of her body was falling apart!” No one could figure out how to kill Chucky but they had no issues beheading me and taking off my arms. He had how many movies and in one quick swipe, there went my head. Then once I was beheaded, not so gently they yanked my arms off my frame. I’ve watched Toy Story so many times and I feel like one of those dolls under the bed that the kid mutilates and destroys.

It’s a good thing I am just plastic but I have feelings too. I hope someone comes back with my head and puts me back together. I was a really pretty baby doll until this happened. If someone would just put me back together, I could be beautiful again. I would yell for help but since my head is disconnected and I am a doll, that isn’t going to work.

Oh please, please, let someone find my head and put my arms back on. I want to belong to a beautiful little girl that wants to hug me and sleep next to me. I would do anything to be whole again.


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