Gag Reflex

Kiss Kiss Love you No I love you.

Who else feels like gagging when you see or hear couples showing public displays of affection?

As a young child (before the age of 10) your mom or dad says “I love you” and you say “I love you more” and they say “No I love you more” and then it is to infinity and beyond. We kiss them and give them lots of hugs and we teach them to show love and affection.

Then they turn into double digits, pre-teens, tweens…tweens no longer want hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy. What if their friends see? If you really want to embarrass your child, as they are going into school yell “I LOVE YOU BABY!  HAVE A GOOD DAY AND I WILL SEE YOU TONIGHT!” Or even worse, get out of the car and hug and kiss them in front of all their friends. Oh the joy of the embarrassment.

I once asked my son to give me a kiss on the cheek before he went to camp and when he ignored me I chased down the hall after him yelling “GIVE MOMMY KISSES!  MOMMY NEEDS KISSES!  WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO GIVE MOMMY KISSES!” I have never seen him move quite so fast…but at least he had a small smile on his face.

Then they turn into teenagers. The worst thing that you can do to a teenager as a parent is to talk to their friends and have them laugh at your jokes. I have done this and I have watched my brother do this with his daughters and they would rather die than have their father be anywhere around their friends.  I love to watch them squirm and get all upset.

Then the teenagers meet someone they are attracted to and that is when you have taught them as a young child impacts others around them.  This is where the gagging comes in.

It can start with holding hands. It can be the cupped hands or the arm hold which only makes you twitch a little but then there is the linked fingers, holding only the pinkies or what I think is the worst is the arms around each other with their hands in each other’s back pockets of the jeans.

It’s cute when there is an elderly couple walking down the street holding hands and you think…awww they are still holding hands after all these years.  Then you see the young macho guy with the six pack and the young girl with the half shirt, flat belly and the belly ring and you think “take it somewhere else, please!”

If you’re not gagging yet, think about the young couple that look into each other’s eyes with that adoring look and say “I love you…no I love you…I love you more…no I love you more…remind you of something you taught them long ago? Then the hugging starts with a rub of the back, a massage on the shoulders. Then they give each other a peck on the lips. Kiss, Kiss…and sometimes it is a longer kiss – or a kiss on the back of the neck. That is when I wonder if one of them will bite the other and suck their blood and put us out of our misery?

OK – so it can be sweet sometimes.  It isn’t a bad thing to show your affection to another person in public, right?  It is nice to share those moments with your loved one. There is a limit though. How much can one person take of watching a couple touching and hugging and kissing?

There is a time when I can handle all the public affection.  There is only one time that my gag reflex isn’t affected.

I can see where it would cause some other people to gag but I can handle the hugging, kissing and touching when it is my boyfriend and I doing it.


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