Celebrity Auras – Liar’s Contest 2012

The last line was how we had to end the story…”and so I painted it purple.”

I have a very interesting profession. I am an advisor to the celebrities and I read their auras and paint them


Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny’s aura shows a lot of silver, which is the color of abundance and can reflect money and cosmic mind.  As most of you know, Bugs Bunny is a very famous rabbit and has a large abundance of fame and fortune.  There is also some white reflecting in the aura and shows purity, truth and angelic qualities.  Bugs Bunny is known for reflecting the energies of his co-stars and appearing pure and true and sometimes even has a halo over his head.  I have suggested to him to remain humble in his time of fame and fortune.

I interpreted the aura and so I painted it Silver and White.

Scooby Doo Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo’s aura shows earth colors (mostly browns in my interpretation), which displays a love of earth and is seen in those who live and work outdoors.  As Scooby is a dog and loves to dig and help solve mysteries, this color is quite accurate.  However, there is a yellow streak of which I interpreted as fear.  Yellow is usually for inspiration, intelligence creativity, playfulness, optimism, and being easy-going.  I think that is why there is a very small yellow streak. There is also a slight touch of turquoise, which shows sensitivity and compassion.  You see this with his friend Shaggy.  I have suggested to him to take a bath frequently and continue his sensitivity and compassion to Shaggy and the rest of the gang.  Maybe slow down on the combination of foods as well and share with Shaggy more.  Scooby snacks are OK.

I interpreted the aura and so I painted it Brown.

Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse reflects mostly Black and White auras with a chunk of red and two small chunks of gold.  The black pulls energy to it and transforms it.  This usually indicates long-term unforgiveness toward others.  I think Mickey may hold a grudge against one of his co-performers.  Donald went out and had nephews and started his own “Family” show with Daisy.  Did he feel abandoned and unforgiving?  The chunk of red shows power, energy, competition and passion.  The two chunks of gold are protection, wisdom and an intuitive thinker.  Mickey is usually jumping around somewhere trying to teach others with passion and creative ideas to help them learn.  Keep it up Mickey, and be careful of that gut you’re getting.  Check with the doctor frequently for diabetes.

I interpreted the aura and so I painted it Black and White.

Spongebob & Patrick Spongebob & Patrick

I interpreted the aura for Spongebob and Patrick together because they are rarely apart and reflect off of each other.  Spongebob has a yellow aura, which shows he is struggling to maintain power and control.  This explains a lot of his behavior at the Krusty Krab.

Patrick shows a murky pink aura, which means he is Immature and has a possible dishonest nature.  Enough said.

I saw both their auras and so I painted them Yellow and Pink.

Garfield Garfield

Garfield shows a large aura of orange the color of vitality, vigor, good health and excitement.  However with his creativity and adventurous nature, he is currently experiencing stress to appetites and addictions.  I believe that is why he eats so much lasagna and likes to kick Odie.  There are stripes of black indicating long-term unforgiveness and can lead to health problems.  Garfield does sleep a lot and can be mean to Jon his owner, Odie his dog friend and any other creature that comes in contact with him.  I have asked him to get himself checked by a Vet to make sure he is healthy and maybe see a therapist for his addiction.

I interpreted the aura and so I painted it Orange.

Poppa Smurf Poppa Smurf

Poppa Smurf is the leader and spiritual advisor for many younger smurfs.  The bright royal blue aura shows his is clairvoyant, has a highly spiritual nature, is generous and has new opportunities coming.  The white clouds show higher dimensions of purity and truth and angelic qualities.  You have to be an angel to deal with all those whiny smurfs (is there one named that?) I think he needs a special Poppa Smurf day and maybe he can find a Momma Smurf to help him relax.

I saw the aura and so I painted it Blue.

Grape Ape Grape Ape

The final celebrity I will tell you about is Grape Ape.  His aura was mostly violet or as we refer to it, purple.  This is the most sensitive and wisest of colors and reveals psychic power of attunement with self.  This shows that Grape Ape is a visionary with futuristic ideas and is magically artistic.  Grape Ape has some bright emerald green, which shows he is a healer and a love-centered person.  Maybe he should get with Garfield to help his repress some of his addictive behaviors.

I interpreted the aura and so I painted it purple.


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