Picture It & Write – The Victorian Manor


They found it. The hidden room in the old Victorian Manor. The old writings and maps led them here but no one else had ever found this room. It described the green walls and the gold accents and ceiling perfectly but there was one detail it didn’t mention, the glass egg.

When the light shines in through the window, the egg becomes illuminated. At first we thought it was just a knick-knack that was left behind but what happened next changed our mind.

As the light hit the egg, a wisp of light started to rise from the egg. We kept the camera on and stayed back as far as possible. The light looked like smoke rising and started to form something. At first we saw a beautiful woman like the one that came out of the Ark in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. She was beautiful. We remembered Indiana Jones telling Marion not to look but we couldn’t look away. The woman started to form into another shape. We waited in awe.

The woman then became a glorious looking white dragon. At first, the dragon’s mouth was closed and somber but as the dragon turned towards us, its mouth opened wide and a red-orange flame started to release itself towards us. The dragon’s eyes turned red as the fire released.

We wanted to run, we wanted to hide, we wanted to close our eyes but instead we were burned from the inside out from the dragon’s fire.

We are channeling this story through a psychic medium that we can control to write our story. Please pass it forward to not search for the hidden room in the Victorian Manor.




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