Finish It #2- No Regrets

How was it possible that she ended up here? She was so careful, followed the rules and took no risks whatsoever.

Her life is in a cubicle behind a desk doing data entry at a menial salary. She had dreams of being a gymnast or a ballerina. She would be on broadway. She would go to college and get an art degree. She wanted a family. She would be something but all she is doing is data entry behind a desk. How did she get here?

Sometimes a life with no risks taken isn’t much of a life at all. Fear will keep people from living. Sometimes a person has to bend the rules and take some risks if they want to live life to its fullest. Rules are made to be broken. Risks are there to be had. Life is there to be lived.

How should she overcome these fears and rules? When will she choose to be out of her comfort zone? When will her life begin? When she makes the choice to do more. The choice is hers. She can start small and build up. At any age, her life is still new and blooming.

Take a dance class or some type of gymnastics. Try out for a community theater production. Get a student loan and go back to school. Find a new job that is interesting and not menial. Go online to a dating site or find ways to meet new people with similar interests. Get artificial insemination if you want a baby or adopt.

Life is what one makes of it and if you find yourself in a place where your dreams aren’t even surfacing, then change what you are doing.

It’s scary and seems impossible but there is possible in impossible. It is actually I’m possible.

If you don’t want to do it alone, find a friend that will do the things that you won’t and try the impossible things you wouldn’t do before.

Living life in a rut and routine that doesn’t fit your personality isn’t much of a life at all. It will create regrets that you make not be able to save. Don’t have regrets, have adventures and make stories.

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