The Sparkle to the Soul – Part II – Conclusion to Finish It # 10

He heard her stutter and knew he was onto something. Jacob was struggling with this phenomenon and he wanted answers. He suspected she wasn’t going to give him answers easily. He needed to find out a different way to learn the truth. He needed a plan. A foolproof plan that only happens at night.

Sabrina knew about her talent early on but only learned to control it in her teenage years. When she was young, the teachers brought it to her parent’s attention that they could not wake her when she slept during nap time. That is when the poking and the prodding began.  They diagnosed her with narcolepsy. They said she couldn’t control when she fell asleep and became awake without knowing the time she lost. That wasn’t true. She watched them poke and prod her. She didn’t want to feel the pain so she removed her soul and waited until they were finished before she allowed herself to wake up. They decided an institution was the best place for her. She was removed from her family and friends. Her mother came to visit her once a week but the doctor’s said there had been no progress.

For Sabrina, there was a lot of progress. Not only did she begin to control her projections but she learned how to touch things and move things in that state. On her eighteenth birthday, she opted to leave the institution. They could no longer keep her there. She felt 6 years of her life there was well spent and she was ready to take on the world. She wrote to her mother and thanked her for visiting but she will not be seeing her again.  This is when Sabrina’s life had begun.

Sabrina learned how to manipulate people in their dreams to get the things she wanted. She got her first job after projecting into the boss’ dream and subconsciously showing and telling her to hire her at the store. It wasn’t much but it was her first step of freedom. She wanted to attend college.  She had studied at the institution as much as she could and knew that she could get her GED. As long as she passed their tests, she could study at the college.

There have been many men in the last 7 years of Sabrina’s life. Technically, Sabrina was a virgin.  Spiritually, she was not exactly a virgin. When she met a boy that she liked, she found herself watching him in his dreams and being a part of his world. After a while, the constant dreams started to haunt the boys and they would break it off with her, except for Jacob. Jacob seemed to want to know more. Could she trust him?

Jacob started to learn about dreams and souls separating from the body. He learned it was called astral projection. He wondered if this was what Sabrina was capable of doing. He assumed that this gift scared her or had scared others. He wanted to learn more but he needed to approach carefully. Jacob learned how to manipulate his dreams so the next time she visited him, he could confront her.

Sabrina had kept away from projecting to Jacob but she wanted to see him and feel him so badly. Jacob studied and learned about dreaming and how to control his dreams. Sabrina hadn’t visited him lately in his dreams. They saw each other on campus but she was avoiding him. He hoped she would visit him soon. The night awaits and he was almost ready.

At times of anxiety and stress, Sabrina had issues controlling her ability. The more she avoided Jacob, the more anxious she became. It had been 2 weeks since the incident and she had been avoiding him. He looked sad when she would see him and she would wave hello but find an excuse to get away. He couldn’t know who she really was until she was ready. Unfortunately, after two weeks, she fell into a deep meditation of both need and exhaustion. She left her body and traveled to Jacob’s brownstone. He wasn’t asleep so she just hid in the shadows and watched him.

Jacob wasn’t really very tired but he knew if he didn’t sleep, she wouldn’t visit him. All the sudden, he felt a shiver through his body and it was like someone was watching him, waiting for him, wanting him. He froze for a moment but didn’t want to scare her away. He could smell her scent very faintly. He decided to try to go to sleep. It was difficult for him to sleep knowing that she was there. He needed to relax and meditate his way into sleep so he could see her again.

Sabrina watched him and saw him freeze up for a moment. She worried that something had given her away. Maybe he had just forgotten something. He got up from his desk and turned out the lights and lay down in his bed. Soon enough, his breathing was shallow. It was then she came out of the shadows and lay down next to him.

He felt her lay next to him and he smiled. He was in the control state of his sleep and he rolled over and put his arms around her as he had done so many nights before in his dreams. He whispered to her and asked her where she had been. She touched his face lovingly and kissed his brow and said that she had always been there with him.  This was what he was waiting for her to do. It was their routine. He said that he felt like he was so in love with her soul but he missed her being. When would he get to see her physical form again?

Sabrina backed away from him. He opened his eyes and she saw a sparkle. She feared the worst but he just stared at her and told her how special she is to him. It was then that she saw the sparkle into his soul. She knew he wasn’t going to run away. He was her soul mate. He learned how to communicate with her in his dream. He loved her just the way she was. Sabrina was scared but she smiled and told him how much she loved him and asked if he could accept her. He smiled and sparkled and told her that this gift just made her even more special to him and he wanted to share a life with her and her soul.

She started to float away and it was his turn to get frightened. She turned and smirked at him, wiggled her hips a little bit more than usual and told him to call her sometime because she wanted to make a life with him. He smiled and they both sparkled at each other as they knew this was the beginning of the rest of their lives.


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