Nature Chills Challenge

Since I live in the desert near mountains, hiking has become one of my favorite pastimes to get away from it all.  I stop and take pictures and breath in the fresh air.  We even take my toddler with us and he loves to sit in the dirt and play with the rocks.  Life is peaceful in the mountains and it makes our troubles seem far away.




Photo  Photo Photo

However, I miss the water.  We have Lake Mead.  It’s is a rocky beach and it is beautiful but it’s not the beach at the ocean.



The ocean beach is my haven.  The waves crashing against the rocks.  The sun beating down on the sand.  Running across the hot sand to get to the spot where you will lay out the blanket and soak up the rays.  My favorite part of being at the beach is sitting at the shallow end of the ocean and making sand castles or bubble names in the sand.  The sand has always been my favorite place since I was a child.

Beach  Chillin' on the Beach


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