Earth Day Challenge for Wednesday

My favorite place in nature is the beach.  The sound of the soothing waves crashing.  The calming cawing from the seagulls overhead searching for food.  The beach shining in the sun speckled with shells and tiny grains of golden sand.  My favorite thing at the beach is to sit in the sand and build sand sculptures.  I usually start with a castle or a tunnel, but I love to carve a name in the sand.  The water is wonderful but the undertoe and the waves can be a little scary.  I’d rather sit in the sand and play.

Beach with Rocks  IMAG2105-1-1

I also love the mountains.  In the desert, the shapes and colors of the mountains bring a fresh, cool view to the hot arid land.  The trees blow in the wind and the birds chirp in the trees.  I love to hike up the mountain with my family and enjoy exercising in the fresh air.

20150308_100826-1  Red Rock March 1

I find that a walk in fresh air and nature clears the head and makes me happy.  Happy Earth Day!


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