Finish It #11-The Guilty Mind

Blog Event Finish It – There is one short sentence, maybe a short paragraph. The start to a little story. There will be a new one every Wednesday. Your job is to write a short story.

Her hands were shaking. Her heart was racing. Enough! She had enough! He would no longer hurt her! She could feel the cold metal in her hand slowly adjust to her body’s temperature. She had her back in the corner of their bathroom, the door locked and outside of it footsteps approaching.

“This isn’t real!” she kept telling herself. But it felt real. She could hear the footsteps. She could feel the cold ground beneath her. “I WON’T LET YOU HURT ME AGAIN” she screamed! The gun in her hand was her only protection. It had become a part of her during these times of anxiety and fear. She cocked the gun and pointed it at the door. “Don’t come in here or I will KILL YOU!” Abigail’s eyes were wide open and her hands were shaking but she would shoot. She had done it before and she will do it again.

She heard a voice through the door. It was the most demonic voice she had heard and the sound was drawn out for effect. “ABIGAILLLLLLLL”  It was like a snake hissing and getting ready to strike. “It’s me, ABIGAILLLLLL. You can’t hide from me.  I will always find you.  You and I are one and that will never change.”

Abigail closed her eyes tight and put her hands over her ears so she couldn’t hear him but the voice keep getting through. “We are one, ABIGAILLLLL. You can’t hide from me.”

“LEAVE–ME–A–LONE!!!” she screamed. “I haven’t done anything to you. GO–A–WAY!! Why are you doing this to me?”

“You know why ABIGAILLLLL.  All those families and children that you killed. I will never let you forget.”

“I didn’t know.  I was following orders.  I did what they told me.  I acted responsibly.  IT WASN’T MY FAULT.”

“ABIGAILLLL…you knew. You made a choice. You chose to follow orders. All those families. All those children. Dead because of you.”

Abigail sobbed on the floor. She couldn’t take it anymore. Did she know? She was following orders like they told her. Those eyes. She can’t get away from the look in those little boy’s eyes. He was an innocent little boy but they told her to fire so she did.

“DON’T COME IN OR I WILL SHOOT!” sobbed Abigail.

“You can’t shoot me Abigail.  I am in your mind.  I am in your soul.  You will never get rid of me.”

Abigail put the gun to her head.  “YES I CAN GET RID OF YOU.  WATCH ME!!!:”

Just then, the SWAT team slammed the door open. They had their vests on in case there were shots. Abigail was on her bathroom floor with a gun to her head and she couldn’t listen to reason.  Her body shook as she sobbed.  “GET HIM AWAY FROM ME. MAKE HIM STOP. I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS. I AM SO SORRY. THAT LITTLE BOY, I DIDN’T WANT TO KILL HIM. MAKE HIM STOP TALKING TO ME!”

Abigail deployed from Iraq only 3 months ago and the PTSD had set in.  John, her husband, had been trying to tame her demons but now he knows that he cannot take care of his wife appropriately. Her children had been sent away to the grandparent’s house due to the nightmares and the voices. She needs more help than he can supply.  He called the SWAT team and the institution so they could save her.  He couldn’t stand to see her this way.  Her children couldn’t be around her. She was lost to the war.

The SWAT team managed to get the gun away from her before she could do damage to herself or anyone else. The people from the institution gave her a sedative and put her in a straight jacket. They took her to the institution where she could no longer harm herself or others.

As they took her away, John slid down the wall and covered his face as he watched his life fall apart around him. He knew this was a better place for her to go to but it seemed so unreal. He just wanted his wife back. The strong, fierce woman that he had married. The woman that wanted to save the world and he couldn’t even save her.  His children needed their mother and he couldn’t tame her demons. John sobbed until he could sob no more.

Every week, John and the children went to visit Abigail in the hospital.  She was almost always sedated when they were there.  At least when she was sedated, she recognized them.  They brought her flowers and hugged her. She tried to hug them back, but due to the sedative it wasn’t much. Abigail would whisper that she loved them and she would weep.  She was missing their lives and her life. John prayed that Abigail would return to him one day. Until Abigail could forgive herself and let go of her guilty mind and the demons that ran it, John and the children would have to make it on their own.

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