FFfAW Week of 4-22-2015-Twilight Station

Thank you, Vanessa Rodriguez, for our prompt photo this week.

The train station is empty and it is dark except for one person on the platform.  A bird walks the yellow line looking for some crumb that may have been left.  It is twilight and the lights are not quite bright enough to make me feel comfortable.

Waiting for a train on an empty platform is like waiting for Christmas to arrive each year.  It is an anxiety-filled process.  A few days before Christmas, there is electricity in the air waiting for Santa and his reindeer to arrive and bring gifts.  Waiting for a train has electricity in the air waiting to get to the next destination.

It is a new experience every time I ride.  When the train pulls in, the hot air blows my hair back and my eyes close from the dust, I know it is my turn to ride.  A new adventure awaits.  Where will I travel to?



15 thoughts on “FFfAW Week of 4-22-2015-Twilight Station

  1. And I thought this was going to turn out dark!
    It is also the same when waiting for a bus, for you could be there a while.
    Great story, and the descriptions made me think I was there too.

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