The Moody Shadow-Sunday Photo Fiction

I missed the Sunday deadline to link this to the Sunday Photo Fiction blog but I really liked this picture and decided to post anyway.

Pewter dragon ornament

Everyone thinks that the shadow is just a reflection of the object.  That is not completely true.  Although it reflects the shape, it is the power that lies behind the object itself.  If the dragon wants to blow fire, the shadow must conjure up the smoke to make that fire happen.  If the dragon wants to fly, the shadow will make the wings stretch and create the air that lifts him into the sky.

The dragon is in a dormant phase.  It stays still and doesn’t change but the shadow changes with each light.  We find it funny to make bunnies or other shapes with our hands and we call them shadow puppets.  Shadow puppets are controlling you.  All shadows have the control of the object they belong with and as the light reflects them, a new shape arises and creates a new mood for the object.

Have you ever wondered why our moods change so frequently?  We think it is something in our brains but it is actually our shadow changing shape with the light.  In the shadow of the dragon, it seems to be coughing up something and making this dragon want to fight.  The shadow is life.


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