Friday Fictioneers – The Art of Fire

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He watched as the smoke bellowed up from the building.  The white and gray clouds were swirling like a tornado in perfect formation.  How can this tragedy look so beautiful as it floats up to the sky?  How can he be thinking about what a interesting painting those clouds would make as they intertwined with the trees?

He wondered what caused the fire.  Is there a smoker in the house?  A child or teen playing with matches?  A short in the electrical wires?  Maybe a iron or curling iron left on?  He hoped there was no one in there breathing in the toxic fumes. There really isn’t much he can do to assist and the firemen are here now, they will know what to do.

He will take the picture and hope for the best for the family and their loss of their treasures and home.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Art of Fire

  1. It’s strange what the mind will focus on at times like this. Perhaps, inadvertently, his mind refused to consider the likely fatalities at first. Then he starts to wonder what could have caused the fire … and whether anyone is trapped inside. Nicely written story.

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