A Mechanical Mind

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If I Had a Hammer.”

I’m back at the dealership again.  They tell me I have a hole in my tubey thingy that connects to the whatchamacallit.  I wish I knew more about cars.

If there was a trade I would love to learn, it would be a car mechanic.

My father flew helicopters in Vietnam and was President and Vice President of two helicopter corporations for 14 years.  When he sits inside a helicopter (or a plane for that matter), he can tell you what every button does inside the cockpit, but I know that he knows more than that.  When he presses that button, he pictures in his mind what is going on in the engine to make the propellers spin and the helicopter lift.

I want to be able to picture what happens inside an engine when I turn on my car.  I would see the key turn and make an electrical pulse that goes through a cable to the engine and find out what actually makes it turnover. How does the alternator fit in?  How do I change a filter, change my oil or fix something that breaks?  How do I test the battery?

I have a ex-boyfriend that was rebuilding a car.  I never asked to work on it with him but it intrigued me.  I didn’t get to take “shop” in high school because that was for the boys.  I don’t want to call a man to help me fix my car. I want to be able to walk into a dealership and tell them what is wrong and how to fix my car.  Even more, I’d like to know how to fix it myself.

I would love to be like character Marisa Tomei plays on My Cousin Vinny.  A beautiful woman with a brilliant brain for cars.

I think there would be so much opportunity of growth and knowledge by learning how to build a car and learn how it works.


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