My Favorite Obsession – 2015 – TM Tall Tales Speech

AROOOOOOO!  I am so pumped up!!!  I am going to run my first Obstacle Course Spartan Super Race.  Fire, Mud, Water – woo hoo! I call it an OBSESSION Race.

This Obsession Race I am going to run is 8+ miles up mountains and in the dirt with 20+ obstacles to do along the way.  Doesn’t that sound like fun???

I will climb up ropes, pull tires, jump high walls, hike up mountains and run in 3 feet deep mud (which will be up to my neck). There are so many more obstacles, I can’t wait! The most exciting part of all of this is I get to do this right here in Clark County Nevada.

I will be using the hand over hand motion I learned in gym class to climb a rope. The side of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel & Casino won’t be too difficult.  They may even soak it in gasoline and set it on fire.  I will wear my regular clothes and maybe some gloves because I AM OBSESSED.

I am so excited about jumping the high walls…of the Trump casino.  I will jump the casino in a single bound (I will use just my strength of my legs).  I mean, who will Trump that?

Which mountain will I hike?  Red Rock, Valley of Fire?  No, my mountain with be the Stratosphere…all 1,455 steps. Once I am to the top, I get to scale down the side of the building with a somewhat sturdy rope.  The fact I am afraid of heights will not be an issue because I AM OBSESSED!

I will then race over to the Las Vegas Speedway to pull oversized tires across the racing track, of course they will be connected to large trucks.  I won’t have anyone pushing the truck from behind or helping me pull.  I will do it all myself and who knows, maybe the truck will be in park.  I AM OBSESSED.

More mountain climbing up the high steep walls of the Luxor and running down the other side where I will jump off the edge and land on my feet because I AM OBSESSED!

When I am all done with these obstacles, I get to go out to the desert with gallons and gallons of water (that I will carry myself) and I will crawl through the desert mud in an attempt to find my way home.  I will have to avoid cacti, snakes, coyotes, wild horses, tortoises and any other creatures of the desert that may come my way.

Do you know why I would do all this?  Because I’m Obsessed?  What will be my end prize?

When I cross that last finish line, in all my muddy glory, I have been promised that a certain someone will be waiting for me.  I will crawl over to the Mandalay Bay. I will have FREE front row tickets to see my favorite band Maroon 5 and lead singer Adam Levine will pull me on the stage with him and congratulate me with a big kiss!!! He will let me sing with him, I’ll touch those beautiful tattoos and ………..AROOOOOOOOO!

See, it will all be worth it.  Wouldn’t you do all this for your favorite Obsession?!


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